** Sigh ** The New Bachelor....Meet Brad !

  1. Southern gentleman Brad Womack is ABC's newest Bachelor, the network has announced.

    Starring in a reality series about romance – the 11th edition of the matchmaking show – is a drastic change for the Atlanta-born, Texas-reared 34-year-old, who spent his 20s working in the oil fields of Louisiana, North Dakota and California.

    But perhaps it's not so different from tending bar, which is how he began his rise to success. Working with his brothers Wesley and Chad (his twin), Womack saved enough money to purchase his first drinking establishment in 2001. He now co-owns four bars with his brothers – both of whom are married – and resides in Austin. (He and the brothers are featured on the MySpace page for one of their bars, The Chuggin' Monkey.)

    Already, the show has dubbed him "The Bachelor's own McSteamy" and claims he is "sincere" and "optimistic" about finding his wife.

    Womack is set to wrangle his perfect match among 25 eager women he'll meet in the Monday, Sept. 24, premiere (9:30 p.m. ET).
  2. he's not bad looking :smile:
  3. He beats the past bachelors in the looks department by a mile. Nice eyes.
  4. Just bumping this. It starts tonight.
  5. He looks so "cookie-cutter", and his teeth are 100% not natural, at least he has no highlights.
  6. He's cute, seems to be hard-working (from his bio) and owns a bar in Austin. Sounds good to me!
  7. I am watching it now on Tivo and he seems like a MAJOR dork to me.
  8. Me too! I'm sitting here watching the Parade of States right now.

    Is it just me, or does every single bachelor trigger anybody else's gaydar? By now I think it is probably just a pavlovian response, not dependable at all.

    The last season got really unpleasant, I hope that this time all the girls will remember that it is a TV show, and not get it confused with real life.
  9. I watched it online this morning.

    I watch it every season and every season I can't believe I waste my time...yet I watch it all:shame:
  10. He's cute. Not really digging the facial hair.
  11. Of course, he let the best one go. They always do. Melissa promised to be the most entertaining of all the girls.

    I especially liked the way the tone for the show was set by having the girls sing and dance and do tricks like little circus poodles. One even offered a sideshow act - webbed feet on the coffee table!

    Did she get a rose? I hope so.
  12. How did I miss this?!?! I haven't heard anything about it. Oh well, I will start next week.
  13. After watching it, I decided that he should not speak. Just sit there and look pretty. I don't know how I feel about the facial hair though. I usually like clean shaven guys. He made some comment repeatedly that he knows his wife is in this group of women. Good luck to him then. :rolleyes:
  14. That's ok! your amongst friends. :p