**SIGH** Teen daughter and my poor Masai!

  1. While Krista my daughter giggled forever while playing dressup with our sweet doggie Masai, I snapped a couple of pics for you guys. I acutally think she likes being all dressed up. Every time Krista pulls the beads out Masai howls until she get her pretty beads on again, OY:confused1: What a trooper!!:okay:
    Ebay Pics 400.jpg Ebay Pics 398.jpg
  2. Awww, she looks beautiful! I tried like crazy to put reindeer antlers on my boxer last Christmas but she wasn't having it! I wanted to take a picture with my cat dressed as Santa and my dog as Rudolf lol.
  3. That is sooo funny! She is so friggin cute!!:love:
  4. Thats so cute!!!!!!!
  5. lol!! I love it!
  6. haha aww so cute!!
    I got carried away shopping in Disney World & bought my rabbit a Disney Princess hat.. she wore it for like 2 seconds and that was the end of that!
  7. Haha, that is so cute. When I was younger me and my brother would do the same things. We put our clothes on the dog and my mom would just laugh at us.
  8. What a cutie!
  9. She likes her jewels!
  10. That's adorable! She looks great with sunglasses too.