sigh.. spending money on pursekets and leather care, rather than on purses...

  1. purses are so lovely and so fabulous, and make me feel wonderful for ages afterward (if it's "right"), but i hate spending money... and even more so when it's on things FOR the purse, not the purse itself; like pursekets and leather care, which can add up..

    i just spent over $100 on a large purseket and some lovinmybags things (cleaner, protector, handle care).. somehow that hurts so much, whereas the $1000 on one bag somehow doesn't??
    i wonder why...
    i'm silly, i know. i just wish my bag lust could be sated without any guilt..

    anyone feel the same way?
    some other things are.. postage, customs, insurance, $ fees..
  2. I feel you. Which is why I justify why I don't need most of the stuff. I ended up with a gallon of Apple Leather Care and a couple cans of Shining Monkey and that's it. No more, no less.