[sigh] So sad :(

  1. After carring my ink city for a couple of days, I've decided that it is just not *right* for me. :cry: I wanted it to be THE ONE but... the color just doesn't work with my wardrobe. I think I like b-bags in BRIGHT colors.. SIGH. I was sooo in love with the ink color too.. but I guess it is just not meant to be.

    hehe but on a lighter note, when I complained to my boyfriend about it, he just laughed and said that it sounded like I was dating my purses.. :biggrin:

    If any ladies sees a 05 TURQUOISE in a CITY or TWIGGY, let me know!! :shame: The turquoise first is tempting (on ebay) but I think this is helenNZs! GOOD LUCK HELEN! I'm rooting for you!!! :love:

    // end mini complaint! :yes:
  2. I am sure there is a good home for your ink..
  3. Oh I'm not worried about that Irishgal- I think I have a couple of people in mind that might want it. Or it'll just be off to ebay :smile: It's just the disappointment- hehe I'm so in love with b-bags right now that I want them all to work out. I think I'm a tad obsessed.. ^^
  4. kattie, can you post pics of your bag? I want to see how your leather looks compared to mine. I am sorry you are not loving it! :cry:
  5. ^me too!

    what is it you aren't loving about it?
  6. This ink owner is also sad for ya
  7. ETenebris: I'm going to charge my battery and find my USB cord and post pictures asap :smile:

    mocean: I hate to say it but it's the COLOR! I just don't like dark bags- it's either BRIGHT or BLACK. And I was expecting mine to be more blue than purple... I find myself gravitating towards my magenta first more and more.. Maybe if it wasn't a city? I really don't know- but it's just not THE bag.

    ranskimmie: I'm sad too, especially because your posts were the ones that pushed me to buy an ink city! I remember when you got yours from BalNY and posted pics.. THEY WERE SO GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you love yours though. It's a lovely bag.
  8. So is yours more purply? Mine I would say is definetely more blue.
  9. kattie do you have a rouille? I saw a first at NM downtown on Tuesday it was quite yummy. I was fondling it except BF was getting extremely annoyed and forced me to leave. He said the tassles looked stupid. (He hasn't found out about my bbag obsession yet lol) But I think you should definitely consider that color or else wait out for the reds in the fall!
  10. Sorry to hear about that, kattie...I hope you find that turquoise soon!! :smile:
  11. Oh, I'm sorry to hear the colour didn't work out for you. But at least you gave her a chance:smile:
  12. ranskimmie: Mine is definitely purple- so purple that people don't even mistake it for black (like some of the darker inks). It's really just purple. And.. well, purple is not one of my favorite color.

    Jennifer: Aw I LOVE NM! Is this the one in Union Square? I always go and fondle the b-bags.. the SA recognizes me now! haha she's always pushing the cornflower box on me.. The rouille is great but I think I want a blue bag. I don't think I realized how much I like blue! hehe

    Thanks for the comments ladies.. heh I just needed to whine and my bf wasn't having it. Isn't that the reason why we're all here? It's like a b-bag support group! hahah
  13. kattiepie, I'll bet you would like and indigo. Its a very pretty true blue.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that you're not in love with your ink Bbag any longer. You will not have any problems finding it a new home. There are fabulous colors to choose from, so I know you will find a color that suits you.
  15. Kattie, yup the one in Union Square. The blues are gorgeousss! I might have one coming my way soon. At least I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If I get that one, there's someone else I know that may have a teal one available in about a week. If that comes through I'll send you a PM!