Sigh Sigh!

  1. I bought the LV ponytales on e-bay.
    More than a month ago... the price was low... but there was written they were original... and I received nothing!:crybaby:
  2. Oh, no. Do you mean you bought something off ebay and never receive the item? File a complain with ebay immediately and also Paypal if that was your payment method.:yes: Sorry but what's the ponytale? Can you post the link?
  3. OH dear. I'm sorry to hear that. Complain to ebay.
  4. You need to complain right away! You only have 45 days to file a claim with paypal!
  5. Oh no......sorry to hear that

    ps. i don't think complaining to ebay would help, they seem to never do anything!!!
  6. so ive been told like that too!
  7. You need to file a dispute with eBay right away. Also request the seller's contact info and call them.
  8. Even though complaining to eBay doesn't help you, it helps others. If the person is still selling, eBay does contact them to try to get them to resolve the issue, so don't think it's a waste of time to report them to eBay.

    1. Contact Paypal or your credit card company if you used a credit card for the transaction.
    2. Forward any pertinent correspondence to Paypal. *If* there is money in the seller's paypal account, Paypal will withhold that money while they research the complaint. However, if there is no money in the seller's account, you may not get your money back.
    3. Contact the seller. Perhaps the item was lost in the mail and the seller is unaware. I ship too many packages to check to see if every single one has been delivered. I have had a buyer contact me a month after the transaction to let me know her package didn't arrive. I worked up several options for her (including refunding her money) and we were able to come up with a solution that was pleasing to her -- she chose a substitute item that I shipped out via Express mail right away. Sometimes mistakes happen and the seller just might be unaware.
    4. File the dispute with eBay. If the seller is still in good standing, eBay will send them a form letter to initiate getting this straightened out. They will give the seller 7 days to follow up with you. If you don't hear anything, comfirm this with eBay so they can revoke selling privelages from them.

    You may or may not be able to get your money back but at least by reporting it you might protect others from being swindled as well. I hope this all works out for you!
  9. actually, eBay/Paypal almost ALWAYS sides w/ the Buyer, file a dispute immediately.
  10. Awww sorry about that, yeah file a complaint right now ASAP. THose ponytail holders are so cute too, I would be pissed.
  11. You will definitely get your money back from Paypal if you paid with Paypal. They always side with buyers (which is :cursing: for sellers) if the seller doesn't have a tracking number. If you didn't pay by paypal, you can still get some of your money back from eBay. Like twiggers said, you only have 45 days! So do it quickly. I've received compensation from ebay before. It was $25 (fees) less than my purchase price, but better than nothing. Plus it takes a long time, about 2 months, to for them to process it. You need to show them proof of payment. Do it quickly!!!
  12. I would go straight to my cc company. Why bother with paypal ?
  13. If she goes paid through a credit card with paypal, it was contract that if anything happens she would go to paypal first. by going to her CC and doing a chargeback can result in suspension, or punishment of some sort. try pulling up your seller's contact info to give them a call. i think you can file an Item Not Received dispute with paypal, if you paid through a credit card with paypal. if paypal fails to do anything, then you are free to do the chargeback. i read something of this sort on ebay's answer center. they are pretty helpful with these problems. am i allowed to say that here?

    and i'm sorry this happened to you. good luck!