(sigh) Returned my Groom cles today, now I'm really bummed that I missed out on the

  1. Cerise cles. I still like the cute bellhop, but it just wasn't me.

    I do like the idea of the cles, so I've been looking at all the cles pics posted here. I've decided I really like the Cerise cles, so cheery & bright, but I'm a whole year too late, lol.

    I know LV will be coming out w/ more of these LE print items, but how far in advance can I find out about them?


    p.s. This is my 1st post, but I've been lurking around for a while ;)
  2. You could always try getting a cerises cles on eBay! They pop up fairly often I think. :yes:
  3. There is one on ebay now...but it's $300 US with the buy it now! :sad: so expensive!
  4. Wow, $300 is a lot, not sure if I like it that much, lol. How much did the Cerise cles retail for? Thanks.
  5. Hi, voodoodoll2005....check this link out >>>>


    I think the Cerises cles retails for $195 US!!!!! I really want a cerise cles too, but I am not going to pay so much money for it! I hate to see myself getting rip off by ppl. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Good luck in finding one though!
  6. If you stay on this forum you will find out stuff WAY in advance. Ask the Sa to let you look through the "look book" as well. My Sa says its not out yet but it will be soon!!

  7. whats not out yet?
  8. Man, that's a huge markup :sad:. Oh well, lesson learned. When the Cerises line came out, I went to check it out in person. But at the time, I was only interested in the Porchette, which I didn't like. Never even occured to me to look at the Cles.....
  9. Oh, Yes...ppl always markup all the limited edition items. I love the cerises stuff too....but too bad, I just start getting into designer stuff (I didn't know where to purchase LV back in 2005)...lol :roflmfao: I just got a brand new cerises agenda & pochette, but I pay below retail for them on ebay. Just keep looking on ebay; good deals pop up sometimes. :graucho: My new mission is a cerises wallet! :yes:
  10. good luck with the Cerises cles I got mine this summer from someone who was selling theirs just be patient