sigh...regretting the purchase of my new speedy!

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  1. Sorry, this is a long post...just want you guys to get a full sense of my pain :s

    Just 2 weeks ago, I bought my first LV at the boutique, a damier speedy 30. I've been using it regularly, but since I usually travel by car, I did not really carry it extensively. Yesterday, however, I went for a long day of shopping (i.e. 3-7 PM) in NYC (which requires all walking), and I had an impossible time with my speedy! At first, I had it in the crook of my arm, but that requires my forearm to be "up," thus causing more and more tension as I started adding items into the bag. It wasn't that many items, really - I picked up the new Lucky magazine, a bottle of water, then some new leggings and socks, in addition to my wallet. But it was heavy enough that I couldn't really hold it in the crook my arm for I tried putting my hand in my pocket, so that the handles would sit somewhere in the middle of my forearm, but after some time of that weight hanging off (and digging into) the middle of my forearm, I decided to just hold it by hand. Doing everything with only one free hand is impossible; in order to open up the wallets I was looking at, rifle through racks of clothes, try to judge how wide a piece of clothing is and trying to decide whether it'll fit, or even stirring my frappacino - it all required the use of two hands! so i found myself constantly having to slide the bag into the crook of my arm while doing these things, and feeling too pained by it to truly enjoy whatever I was doing. Throughout the whole day, I found myself switching from hand to hand, crook of one arm to the other, and finally just trying to find somewhere clean on the counter of the shop to rest my bag while I examined something closely. The whole experience was just so...AHHH!!! :cursing:

    This morning I woke up with pain in both my shoulders and arms. I feel very sad, because just looking at my speedy while it's resting, I still drool over how stunning it is, but I'm starting to feel like it's just not very practical. Am I missing something here..? Is the speedy meant to act like a "trophy" bag, in which it should only be filled to 30% capacity and thus easily carried around? But this bag is so big! I thought its size to be so practical - is it only for decoration then? How do you all deal with your speedies when you need both hands? I can't even imagine not being able to freely use both of your hands while you're doing something, unless it's just walking. I don't know what to think. I'm so tempted to exchange it for a shoulder bag, but I just can't bear to part with such a gorgeous bag.

    What do you guys think? Am I just missing something here?
  2. I understand~ you may want to get a bag with a strap for Big shopping days. I too have had a little discomfort w/ a speedy while shopping. Luckily if I have a cart I plop it in there. I use my Batignolles Horizontal for a all day shopping trip.
  3. I was thinking of this, but I generally do all my shopping in Manhattan, and I don't think any boutiques or even department stores (like Macys) have shopping carts...=(
  4. I don't take my Speedy when I plan to shop; it's just not practical. Another thing to remember is, although some bags are big, it doesn't mean that they are meant to be filled all the way. A handheld bag the size of the 30 that is filled to capacity is bound to be uncomfortable...

    Just my 2 cents.
  5. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your speedy. I had the same problems too. Which is why I purchase the optional strap in case of these types of situations. Sometimes we forget how much we love shopping and overstuff our bags to an uncomfortable weight. Thus the burden and the pain is evident after a good nights rest the very next day. Maybe you should try not to put so much in your speedy. I really don't recommend the strap unless you like to use both hands. Because if you constantly stuff your speedy with heavy items then carrying it with a shoulder strap. The pain will shift to your shoulder, back, and neck. It's not a trophy bag and not a hand held for everybody. Hope you feel better soon.
  6. Aww, I'm sorry that the speedy is causing you some pain. Have you tried using a purseket? I think it will help organize your bag better, and distribute the weight of your things well-around the bag. You can also try buying a shoulder strap for your bag, too (I don't know if they come with anything in a dark leather or damier print, though).
  7. Maybe you could get the strap and attach it for the big shopping trips. Btw, I am not a speedy fan either for all those reasons-I do love my Petit Noe.
  8. I guess my question is - I had a magazine, a bottle of water, my wallet, and a few pairs of leggings/socks. Is that already considered overburdening my speedy and filling it beyond capacity? If so, what's an appropriate amount so that it doesn't feel so burdensome?
  9. Yeah..I pretty much learned my lesson. When doing some serious shopping, leave speedy at home! It's really uncomfortable to shop with..once you have a couple of bags in's impossible to carry your speedy comfortably. Opt for a shoulder bag..or better yet a sling type of bag when shopping. I use my speedy for sits on my desk most of the day.
  10. Hi - I've been there too. I have the MC Speedy 30 and that one weighs a lot without anything in it.
    What I do when I have to walk a lot and need both hands is wear a small bag, usually crossbody and carry a minimum amount in it. I hold on to shopping bags that come with my purchases and that's it. (Paper bags are lighter) During the week when I'm going from home to office and back, I'll carry the speedy. That's really when I need all of my other stuff anyway.
    Even a shoulder bag can get heavy if you have to carry it around all day.
  11. Sounds like your not the hand-help type of bag girl! It's okay. I love the look of the Speedy, but I knew it wasn't for me.
  12. I feel the same with my speedy 25. I like my speedy 25 especially when I first got so no matter what I won't exchange or sell it even though it's so uncomfortable . I guess too me all handheld purses are that way. So I only have few handhelds, I usually go for shoulder bags it's more practical.
  13. ITA, esp. for the speedy. I've seen a speedy 30 filled all the way IRL, and it looked really difficult to get in and out of! A bag like the duomo might be easier since the zippers go on the sides.

    IMO, I think the best bags that can be filled all the way and are easy to get in and out of are the shoulder bags.
  14. rainyjewels, I completely understand how you feel. I get tired too when carrying it around shopping. However, I compare it to wearing uncomfortable shoes. Some women are willing to suffer for their shoes. I'm willing to suffer for my bag! ;)
  15. i have an mc speedy 30 that I no longer use because it is too heavy even with just a wallet, cell, keys, and make up pouch with lipstick/lipliner in it