*sigh* re-ordering Joe's Jeans after a fall/rip...

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    Well, ladies, I took a spill after work, slipping on some fallen leaves which blocked my view of the curb. Thankfully my knees are only bruised and my suede boots, laptop and briefcase and LV Cabas Piano are all OK :jammin: . the only casuality was my Joe's Jeans which now are ripped at the knee - guess it could have been worse. I'm ordering another pair which I think was pretty similar to the 'socialite' style. these are called 'muse.' any ideas? I'm even going down a size as the others got a little saggy. any other input on this particular style? TIA! :love:
  2. OMG, you must have fallen pretty hard if you ripped your jeans. Glad to hear that all is ok...well except for the joe's.

    Sorry can't help with any suggestion's on that particular line. I have Joe's but it's the provocateur one's, which I also had to go a size down from my usual.
  3. I ripped a new pair of Joe's jeans 2 days after I bought them. I walked by a half-size filing cabinet and the knee got caught. "riiiiiiiiiiip" :sad: I had them patched so they have that distressed look. :P

    All of the Joe's jeans that I own are made of very soft and loosely woven denim, which makes them prone to snags and tears. Sooo, I only wear them out.
  4. Glad to hear you're ok!! *hugs* and sorry to hear about your jeans :/
    Hope you love the new jeans you get ^^
  5. dont you hate that.. hope u ar ok from the fall,,,
    go get them patched..
    there was a thread on this forum about getting jeans any and all kinds repaired..
    ill see if i can find it for you
  6. ^^ thanks, Addison!!