Sigh....please help this poor woman

  1. I just don't know what to do here. I got my Donatella Versace bronze Nikki today and I don't know if I should keep it. It's beautiful, the leather is sooooo soft I could pet it all day. It's the color, I don't know if I will actually use it.....and are metallics timeless classics?? It does seem every year you see them, so it seems like it's not a 'fad' bag.
    Any thoughts ladies? To sum up.....I love the bag, I'm just not sure I will use it. I am sahm with two young kids. I will take some pics and post later.....Thanks!!! :ty:
  2. please excuse my droopy drawers, we didn't leave the house today--too cold!!!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  3. I would eBay, but I am not a big metallic fan. I love the shape and style of the bag though and it looks very cute!
  4. Thanks---I can return it to Bluefly.....I don't know if I could get the $$$ back on eBay...??
  5. Ooh, I think it would be fab for going out. BUT, if you don't think you'll use it, return it. Put that moolah towards some other fabulous bag you WILL use.
  6. You don't sound like you're sold on it, so I think you should return.
  7. I think it's a really cool bag. I'm a SAHM too and I think we need a flash or fun in our lives. I vote for keeping it and wearing it with anything. I just checked bluefly for one for myself. I love metallics and animal prints. Let us know what you decide.
  8. I think its gorgeous! You can dress that bag up or down. I love it. I think the color will always be around.
  9. Its beautiful! Rawk that!
  10. Return it if you don't absolutely like it. Do you have any other metallics in your collection? I don't think metallics will ever go completely out. It always comes in and out but I don't really care about what's in and wear whatever looks good with my outfit. I think you'd look really good in a silver/pewter metallic!
  11. Personally I think metallics look better on smaller bags.

    BUT, being stay at home is irrelevant. If you love it, keep it!
  12. I can't remember if you have other RM bags or not, but the leather on all of them is really nice! So if you're not in love with the color, wait to get a color that you want. The leather on the new bag will likely be just as nice. Watch the sales thread and Bluefly now and you'll probably snag a bargain on a bag you'll use a lot.
  13. I have ONE other RM bag it's the MAM from WINKNYC, smooth grey with black basketweave. Thanks guys and keep the advice coming!!! I guess the reason I say I'm a sahm mom is that I really don't go anywhere :smile: I rarely go out on the weekends and the most exciting thing we do is go shopping during the week..hee-hee. I love the idea of wearing it with anything. sigh...decisions, decisions....Oh and I almost forgot, I do not have any other metallics in my collections, in response to paintednights question. Maybe that is why I hesitate?? it's a new genre for me :smile: Thanks!!
  14. Thanks! that is nice to hear! :jammin:

  15. So what happened, Posk? Did ya keep it???? Come on, tell me what I want to hear!:yes: