*sigh* nothing like rubbing it in our faces...

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  1. When my New GST arrived I noticed it still had both tags on it! Pre price increase and post increase how sad :sad:

  2. that is so foul! Soon there may be a third tag if the prices increase in September. :crybaby:
  3. That's terrible, I thought if they had bags from pre-price increase that they would sell it to you at the old price. I know some PFmers found GST's at the old price??
  4. I know I almost got excited when I saw the lower price tag first then came following the bigger one :sad: It has to be ordered as my local NM didn't have any, maybe that was why?
  5. I do feel for you though. I waitlisted for a GST last November when it was £770, I finally bought it in June for £935 (ouch!!!!!!)
  6. Well....you you think they would cut off the old price. But it's a beautiful bag.....so enjoy it and wear it in good health!
  7. Boooo, hissss, hissss....that is not nice. Bad enough we "know" ...don't need visuals!!!:tdown:
  8. Oh I'd be pissed to see that. That was very unprofessional on their part, you should mention it to them....I would!!!!
  9. Awww! That is not nice to know!!
  10. Maybe I'm out of the loop but isn't there a law that prohibits brands to sell goods from other seasons at current prices?

    In any event, the person that wrapped the parcel should've paid more attention and detached the old tag!!
  11. ^^^I don't think it's a law per se. It's just that most stores will honor the lower price tag when there are two on an item.

    Of course we are all learning quickly that Chanel does what it wants with prices and the heck with the consumer....
  12. Definitely worth a call to your SA and keep both those tags as they are. Fact, the Chanel boutique will sell purses at the old price if they were in stock before the price increase. My e/w coral was at the old price. Lucky me. At the minimum, someone should have removed the old tag, if they wanted to avoid a client dispute. Take em to the mat on this!!
  13. jmen, Only boutiques do that? So I'd better check with them first ^^
  14. I purchased mine at NM.
  15. I think you should call your SA and tell her about the old price tag. They should sell it to you at the lower price.