*sigh* My Rouge VIF City, still so in love

  1. My lovely lovely VIF city, I've been wearing you daily for weeks now and you're still sooo perfect and starting to really get squishy and worn in. I'm currently at work and I keep stopping to turn and look over at my snuggly girl. I 'm SO in :heart::heart::heart: I don't know if I'd want another City because I would have to stop wearing you!

    Anyone else having trouble using another bag because yu're so in love with a certain one right now? :tender::girlsigh:
  2. It's gorgeous!!

    Yes, I usually go through a phase where I use one bag for about 3 months straight. Right now for fall it is my orange addy and in winter it will be my brown paddy but come spring I'll be using my NM LE City every day again!
  3. I soooooooo want this bag, its gorgeous !!! :party: I'm glad you love her!!
  4. I love the vif too!! Ihave the work and it really is a great red bag to have!
  5. Nice Bag !!!
  6. I miss mine tons :sad: So glad you are loving it every time you wear, that's a great feeling and how it always should be!!!
  7. I knew I couldn't be the only one! I do it with shoes, too. :graucho:
  8. OH, PULLLEASE!!!!!!!

    Sold my Rouge vif on Sunday...thought I wanted something more distressed. Bought a Rouge vif Purse on Monday, because I missed her so much. Meanwhile...all my other bags languish in their dustbags...longing for the light of day.....

    You are SO not alone, m'dear!!!!
  9. you are so cute. so glad you are using it too.
  10. And so you should be CandyJanney...I love seeing your Avatar, such a gorgey bag!
  11. Yes...that's totally my m.o. -- I fall in love with a bag and wear it to death. Right now I'm using my LE Magenta RH City...and have been since the day I got it!!
  12. Love your Rouge VIF! I'm so in love with my new Chanel Coco Cabas right now, that all my bbags are being neglected. lol
  13. same thing!! havent stopped using my city since i got her!! i change for certain occasions but my eberyday bag is the VIF!!! love her!!
  14. I LOVE RVIF!!!! :love::love::love: I really want this color in a city so bad but I haven't bought it yet~ I really should!!!
  15. i adoreeeee my rouge vif too.