SIGH*** Missing my speedies...

  1. Have you ever done this...?

    To help fund my new Chanel Medallion tote, I recently sold my Tivoli PM and Mono and Azur Speedies....the Tivoli I do not miss since I am in love with my Palermo PM, but right now, I am really missing my Speedies!!! I am thinking, should I have sold them??? I will admit, I LOVE the new Chanel, its so stylish and effortless with its quilted leather....but still, its just not the same w/o a Speedy in my closet. /cry :crybaby:Do you think I made a mistake?
  2. speedieS how many did you have?

    It's ok to miss it speedy is such a great bag at least they are available all the time so you can buy another if you start to miss it to much
  3. I had 2, an Azur and a mono, both 30's.
  4. LOL sorry you said azur speedies I thought you had multiple azur speedies lol
  5. I now realize how fab Speedies , that being said, when you can, get another one; like Label Addict said, they're always available. Start a bag fund asap! How could you have sold your Tivoli-I remember how crazy you were when you were waiting for it etc...!! Did you see the Palermo after that and then fall in love with that? Oh well, when you're a successful MD or RPh you can get many bags!! LOL
  6. Don't feel bad about your decision. If you do feel bad, at least they still sell the Azur & Mono speedies & they are not too too expensive so you can buy them again :yes:
  7. Look at the bright side, they will always be there so if you really fell like having one again, you will be able to buy it easily. It's not so expensive either if you compare with other lv bags so it shouldn't take too long to save up for one :shame:
  8. LOL yes, I fell in Love with the Palermo because of the shoulder strap....the Tivoili was not as comfy as I had hoped, even though it is a gorgeous bag. I had bought it without trying it that was my fault. :push:
  9. I guess your next LV purchase would most likely be a speedy!
  10. you should at least have one speedy.... you still can buy it, cheer up~~~
  11. Oh I know how you must feel I could never part with my Speedies but as Label says they are always available & you will maybe buy again!
  12. Im so like you!

    I funded my Chanel and LE LV collection by selling ALOT of my other bags, BUT, the only bag that I will not touch is my Mono Speedy 30!

    Get another one if you can!
  13. i can't answer this question fairly because i love my louis'. i'm sorry that you have sellers remorse. you can always buy another speedy - LV will never discontinue them.

    buying a chanel is exciting news! enjoy your new purse.
  14. Whattt??! You sold your Speedy Azur? Go get a new one, FAST! Before you gets into deeper depresin..LOL!:graucho:
  15. Oh I totally feel you! But like others are saying, you can always get another speedy or 2 or 3...heehee