Sigh, mini rant...

  1. I received phone call yesterday saying my mono speedy 25 WAS back from repairs. (I had a tab replacement) I guess I was lucky since it's only been 4 weeks. I was so delighted to see my poor speedy. When I sent it in, it was just under 3 months old, so when I saw it yesterday, I was so excited. It was a beautiful honey color (except for the new tab). Anyway, I paid for the replacement and walked out with my DH. We were a few blocks away when DH asked me to inspect the repair job. I took my baby out of the bag and looked at the new tab. It seemed a "little off" . DH then asked me if it's supposed to have a 30 underneath it..OHmygawd, somebody messed up the repair...put a 30 tab on my 25 speedy. It seemed a little bigger...minute but bigger. Anyway, then I realized that the 'made in France' tab is now "Made in USA". Oh well, i was a little bummed about that part but it was the 30 tab on my 25 that I couldn't excuse. I went back to the store , they apologized for the error and said they will fix the mistake....sigh...another 4 weeks without my speedy again....dang.....I need LV retail therapy.

    PS. Somebody was sleeping on the job on my repair!! argh
  2. Wow... i can't believe they screwed that up!! Sorry you have to wait even longer for your Speedy, but you'll get it back and it will be perfect :smile:
  3. Wow what a mess! Sorry you will be losing your speedy for another month or so.

    At least you will have a full patina by the time the bag comes back and it will be a bit more resistant for winter.
  4. thanks for listening... I know, I couldn't believe that either. It's ridiculous that they are going to increase prices when the quality control sucks! They expect us to pay more willingly without getting better standard of care on our products.

  5. I almost added something about the price increase to my posting but decided not too...haha but I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    I would have been really peeved to have my Made in France bag come back Made in USA. I wonder what it will say next time...Made in Spain :confused1: . Let's hope not!
  6. I hear so may bad repair jobs fom LV. They seem to do the switch-a-roo or mess up with someones repair. sigh.

    good luck!

  7. yeah..why is that!? what happened to being meticulous, high standards etc. I'm in Canada so my bag was sent to the USA...closer I guess. I wonder if they have better standards in France? Just a thought..
  8. Not very good service, I wouldn't expect this from LV with the prices they charge.:wtf:
  9. It really seems like their service and quality is deteriorating :sad:
  10. OMG this happened to someone on this forum as well. WTF are these people doing working for LV??? One would think they would hire exceptional individuals.
  11. Ugh, have you thought about complaining some more ? That's a really crappy job on something that ought to have been done right the first time.
  12. Now you're scaring me! My speedy's been going almost 9 weeks now - still waiting - I shudder to think what I'm going to get!
  13. Sorry to hear that!
  14. that's my flaw..i'm too passive! the SA was very apologetic...I hate making a kerfuffle!
  15. Awww, I hope you get it back sooner this time!