1. OK..I cant freakin sync my phone.....HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
    Im not getting any prompts...SHould I reinstall the itunes?
    Anyone had this issue?

    YES...Im technologically challenged...sigh...
  2. Jill go to and search. They also have a forum called that is really helpful. Loads of techno geeks and if you post a question someone helps you instantly. Its not like they are dating or anything ;)
  3. First generation's always have issues... :amuse:

    Listen to Selena!
  4. I know this is going to sound smartass, but have you tried re-booting? It often works when I have a peripheral that won't respond. I assume the iPhones have a reset like the iPods do, I would try that as well before doing something time intensive like reinstalling iTunes.
  5. Yep reset has saved my butt several times.
  6. Jill, do you have a mac or a pc?

    I've never had any problem with my mac picking up my iPod or iPhone to sync. but I've had several friends with PCs who do have problems.

    Make sure iTunes is up and running in an active window before attaching your iPhone. That is how they get around their problem. It is also weird because sometimes they have the syncing problem and sometimes not. But if iTunes is on they don't.

    Selena's right. The iLounge is great and easy to use.

    Also, for Apple watchers, there is a big invitation-only media event on Sept 5th. Rumored to have new OSx versions of the iPod, new nano and a new touch screen iPod.

    As for 1st generation vs 2nd generation iPhones: From what I have heard and read Apple will not be making any changes to the hardware platform on the iPhone anytime soon. Any upgrades/modifications will be firmware only.
  7. These are nano protective covers designed by Uneia that floated around the internet before Apple had them pulled.


    Also planned to release a RED shuffle.
  8. bump for jill
  9. I reloaded ITUNES,It synced...THEN IT STOPPED...OY!LOLOLOL!
  10. Jill, just get a beeper and call it a day.
  11. Oh for God's sake. I'll be over in a minute to help you sync! LOL
  12. I forgot to add that I'll be driving over in my "Geek Squad" car!!