*sigh* I think I have been had

  1. I bid on a Coach bag a while back from a new seller who I had exchanged emails with and she seemed very sweet. She sent the pictures I had requested to make sure that I knew the item was authentic and I bid on the item and won. She was a new Ebayer *which usually I do not buy from or let bid on my items, but I figure..everyone needs to start somewhere and she seemed sweet, so why not?* and she needed to set up a paypal account so that I could send payment. It took a few days and she finally sent me an invoice and I sent payment. Now I have not heard anything from her in a few days and upon further research I have found out that she had recently changed her eBay name and had also sold my coach bag to someone else in April *they never left her feedback though* It is the same exact bag that I bought...same listing. This makes me soooo upset, but I am really hoping that it is just a case of maybe she sold it and they never paid so she is trying to resell it. There were 2 bags she did this to. Sold these 2 bags..a Gucci and Coach and then listed them again under her new eBay name. I sent her another email to let her know that I knew she listed these twice and was wondering why and that I had gotten her contact info and would be giving her a call tomorrow. I am just soooo bummed. What should I do? What should my next step be? I am hoping that she will just send the bag or at least email me and respond to my emails and put my mind at ease...UGH...what do I do?

    Sorry if I am rambling, I am just so upset and bummed out. Thanks for listening.
  2. Honestly, I would open a dispute with Paypal immediately to protect yourself. Everything you described sounds like a typical scammer.
  3. You have protection if you paid through Paypal. You can file a "item never received" claim and tell them everything that happened. You should be granted a full refund from Paypal.
  4. Ita- she sound like a definite scammer!
  5. this is tricky bec if you file for an item never received, and she then sends the bag, and it turns out 'fake' or damaged etc, you have no recourse. it is a flaw in the system IMO bec I had such a situation, and the bag was authentic but had stains that were not mentioned (not too bad but still).

    if I was you, I would give her a call, and see what you can do. also, I would call paypal and let them help you on the phone before you do anything - ask for the resolution centre. it will cost you but I only do that now - this way I can always say that they advised me to do that.

    sorry to not be more helpful but the item not received route is really annoying - they can still send the item off and paypal will close the claim asap it has been received with no option to do anything else.
  6. Do a charge back on your cc.
  7. This happened to me. I filed for an item not received, and then on the last day before I would have gotten my money back from PP the seller sent my item. Sure enough, when I received it, it was a counterfeit bag.

    Paypal didn't do anything because it's their policy to only have one dispute for each item. Thankfully I paid for the item with Amex so I got every cent back.

    Definitely file a dispute if eBay and PP don't help you.
  8. The perfect reason why I never buy from new ebay sellers. I dont need what they have to sell that bad.
  9. I would have said to open a dispute, but seeing what has happened to others, I am not sure that I would. I would call her and see what she says and go from there. If you did pay with a cc, I would not hesitate to do a chargeback. Good luck!
  10. Immediately put a claim up in paypal, maybe as reason in stead of non receipt you could use non authentic or something counterfeit (you have prove she is selling the same bag under another name), also see if you can contact the other buyer and see what her/his experience was.

    I'm not sure how much you paid for this bag, but paypal only returns up to 200 dollars for new sellers. If you are quick enough, she may not have had time to transfer money, although, she may have opened another paypalaccount. All the information you have you should give to paypal and CALL them and push them.

    I think this doesn't sound right and if she will send you the bag you can always cancel the claim

  11. I agree w/ lori.........
    File immediately.
    It also sounds like she could have fake bags as well.

    What is the item number?