*Sigh* I sense a funk lurking...

  1. When do you guys tend to get in a funk, or just feel your lowest? For me, its 1. after being out on break or vacation and having to come back home and deal with reality and 2. on Sunday nights. Since both are currently the cause, I'm calling it a double whammy! I really don't want to wake up at the usual 5:30 a.m. tomorrow, and deal with highschool. Come home, waste hours of my life on homework, eat, shower, sleep, etc. Then wake up and repeat.

    Its just an ongoing thing, and all of the crap involved with school as well. I just came back from a 2 day trip to the beach, my first visit to the beach in over 5 years. So it was great.

    But how to deal with the aftermath? If only I could skip the 5 day week, and have the weekend schedule everyday! Life would be so simple. But I suppose we ladies could never have it that way. :push:

    But it shouldn't feel this way! What do you all do when in this lowly state? Let's spice up this Sunday evening with a chat and tips on how to bounce back! It is Easter, afterall! :yes: May the consoling one another begin! :wlae:
  2. I feel rather depressed today more so than usual I don't know why. I am of no help right now.
  3. Aww..Sonya I'm sorry to hear that..especially after you've been so supportive of me! I know this time of year can be tough-cloudy, rainy weather at the end of a long winter. Sometimes holidays are rough because we have this theory/pressure that everyone else is together, happily enjoying their festive meal when most times that just isn't the case. Edited to say: I see you're in Texas so maybe the winters there are not as extreme as in Canada, but I'm guesing you still have cold spells!;)
  4. Well, maybe you have some pics. from your trip to the beach you can carry with you until you're finished school? High school was a long time ago for me but even still sometimes the drudgery of everyday, routine life can be a downer when you're looking at a full week ahead of you. Have you planned on what you're going to wear tomorrow? Can you program a new, funky song into your alarm so you wake up with some good tunes? Maybe do something a little different with your hair for fun. How about striking up a chat with someone who might not have alot of friends-it might just make their day! That always feels good-I'm sure you could think of someone right now:smile: . Start planning your next beach trip! Any plans for the weekend you can start to make with your friends? The Hills is on tomorrow night if you're into that-I think they are still new episodes:jammin: . Big hugs to you!
  5. Aww Mega, those were plenty of cute ideas and all the more reason to chin up ;D I broke the ice yesterday and it was a toughie, [it didn't help that NO ONE seemed to be in a good mood about going back either, HaHa. Not even teachers.] but all the same, no matter what position you're in, people from all walks of life suffer the problem of being locked into a monotonous, daily routine: whether it be work, school, etc. But we can all vent together! Thats what makes it okay and bearable.

    And I apreciate the tips, they are helpful! I did pick out an outfit and I jammed to some oldies [guilty pleasure] on YouTube when I got home that day.

    I still, however, envy the people who can breeze by the day with no problem. *Sigh* To be happy go lucky. It seems so unreachable sometimes. But in the meantime, partay on. :wlae:

    How did your day go, everyone?
  6. I'm glad you got through your Monday!! Just remember one thing though..those people you see breezing through life often have their own problems and demons too-looks can be deceiving! Other than working 8 hr. shifts (on my feet) on a recently broken toe my week is going ok;) .
  7. Ugh! I was feeling like that yesterday. And it was a Monday! The day where I'm supposed to get things done, be on track, stay focused. Maybe it was the weather, I'm not sure. Usually, when I'm feeling down I stay to myself in my room and take a nap or I read a good book to ease my mind.
  8. Hi there, girl, sorry you're feeling low and I know sometimes it doesn't help just counting your blessings...(my grandmother was forever bending my ear about that one..) Best thing to do when the blues hit; best friend on the phone with a bottle of wine and plenty of time (sometimes sacrificing some sleep is the way to go, nothing like talking way into the night...) Most of the time I come of the phone after putting the world to right and wonder what the hell I was making such a fuss about...:smile: