Sigh...I Miss Her So Much....Do I Need To Be On A Quest?

  1. Remember the Marcelle in Champagne? Some loved her - some hated her....I sold her. Does anyone have fond memories of her or thought "good riddance!"? I was thinking about her the other day and was wondering if I needed to be on a hunt again. Others thought she looked like a silly holiday ornament. Thoughts? Anyone enjoying her as we speak and want me to forge ahead??? ;)
  2. I'm sitting here at work with nothing to do, so I've been on this forum for an hour or so. But, I went shopping yesterday and came home with a Sienna. But, in actuality, if they had a Marcelle there, I would have snatched that up in a heartbeat. It is a gorgeous bag, and I love all the little grommets and lacing. Makes it look really sexy, I think. Trouble is, they had them close to a year ago, and now there is nothing in the stores. I really don't want to buy one off eBay right now. I wish they would to a re-issue of that bag!
  3. I like the Marcelle style, but I'm not too crazy about that champagne color. Why did you sell her in the first place? Had you not been using the bag enough? That's usually a pretty good indication that it's time for a bag to go, lack of use.
  4. I agree with youngster. If you felt the need to sell it once, why buy her back.

    There are sooo many great bags on the horizon, maybe not all by Kooba but by someone.

    I know it is hard to wait....and wait....and wait. Your next bag is out there somewhere, all tied up with a pretty pink bow, with your name on her.

  5. Wow JC, you've had your share of great metallics through the years! Champagne Marcelle, Silver Lucy, Pewter Audra...

    If you still have a couple of your other metallics in the closet, hold off on the Marcelle. The fall Koobas should be coming out soon, and from what we've seen online so far, metallics might be a theme. I can hardly wait to see what's around the corner... :smile:
  6. Yes, metallics so shiny they can be seen from outer space! LOL.
  7. Heee heeeee....and I still have my Gold Fiore Audra too. Oy.....:yahoo:
  8. I don't care for it so much, IMO...the bows are too OTT on this style of bag.
  9. Awww, I loved this bag. Been tempted to buy it when it was on eBay. I am a sucker for anything shiny or sparkly. I have sold bags and since regretted it so I know how you feel. I would watch eBay because this bag shows up occassionally and when it does, if your heart still has that little lurching feeling, then I would re-buy it. I think this bag would look great if you are young and going out. Otherwise it has a Holiday feel to it. But I am an old lady and I don't go out anymore...LOL. Who knows...maybe shiny metallics will be "IN" at my potential Rest Home :shrugs:
  10. That's okay. I don't go out either! Well, is picking up the kids considered going out?? :supacool:
  11. Not unless you are picking up your kids at the Niteclub!!! LOLOL
  12. Yes, we will all bring our metallic Koobas to Bingo Night...
  13. Well, I own three gold bags and I think they're actually a great neutral. Depending on their "shininess" of course. Those new Fall Koobas are blindingly fug! :nogood:

    I don't think they're only good for the rest home or picking your kids up at the It's really just a matter of confidence. And handbags are an area you girls are masters of! :yes:
  14. I did a very bad thing. I went back into my feedback on eBay...and I mean waaaay back - like try December '06, and found the lady who bought my bag!!!! I'm so embarrassed - I basically said "You don't remember me I'm sure, but you bought this bag from me awhile ago and if you ever ever ever ever ever ever get tired of her, let me know???" What a weirdo....:wtf:
  15. Hey, it's worth a shot isn't it? You never know what could happen! Please let us know how it turns out! I'd LOVE to hear a reunion story of you and your Marcelle!