*sigh* I knew she was going to cause a problem

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  1. I sold a vintage Chanel sweater on eBay recently. The buyer took almost a week to pay for it and now is claiming damage that was wasn't there before (I have pictures). As long as it ships back in the condition I sent it, I have no problems issuing a refund, but I just knew this was going to be a hassle when she took so long to pay. Sometimes I hate eBay.
  2. Does she want to return it or is she fishing for a partial? How long did she have it before she contacted you claiming damage? I would ask for pictures of the damage
  3. She wants to return it. I was honest in my listing about it being a vintage sweater and carefully photographed it. But I really can't be bothered to fight her about it. eBay never backs the seller. She's had it over two weeks (after taking a week to pay for it in the first place), which also strikes me as buyers remorse... But, as I said, if she'll send it back, I'll refund it.
  4. She probably wore it, damaged it and now wants to return it for a refund. Personally I would fight her on it. Did you specify that you accepted returns?
  5. Op, i would fight it. Do not give in
  6. She's already escalated to a SNAD case. Without even trying to contact me first. *rolls eyes*
  7. Did your buyer send a pic of the "damage" to you?.. did you ask her to?

    Can you download the pics of the sweater to ebay so they can actually
    see the condition of the sweater?
  8. Thank you for the support, but I really don't have it in me to fight this. (I have a family member dealing with cancer and I just don't have the energy.) I posted many pictures in the auction, but I've still heard far too many horror stories from sellers who have no protection at all from ill intentioned buyers. I have told the buyer I will refund once they return the item. I just don't want this woman to keep my sweater and my money.
  9. We cannot fight all unfair situations in life. Best wishes to you and to your family member. :smile:

  10. Wishing you & your family member well....
  11. Same here. Some things are just more important. :smile:
  12. Sounds like a switch.
  13. A switch? As in, she will send back a different sweater? What do I do then?
  14. Wait to see what you get back.

    If it's a different sweater, submit side by side pictures of yours vs. what you got back and submit those to ebay and explain what she did.

    It's possible that it's just remorse and if there was no return policy stated in the listing, she felt that her only option was to claim SNAD. So maybe she just exaggerated the condition.
  15. Update: I agreed to a return once the buyer shipped the sweater back to me. The buyer provided a tracking number that does not bring up any information on the postal website, it can find no events related to the number at all. (So it hasn't even been received, let alone delivered.) The exact same date and one minute later, she escalated the claim. What the ___?!!