*sigh*...I give up...

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  1. So I bought this last month at the outlet...only problem? It was missing the hang tag and the metal snap thing. Ok...no biggie...I'll call up and request a new one...right?


    First go around...I got the white one...wtf? Today...I got the black one...
    I just give up...I refuse to call again...why bother...

  2. that stinks! now you can hang them both from the bag? LOL. sorry about your luck...it seems like they are just giving you tags they find around, not the one that GOES with it......
  3. Great bag. I didn't know they had made it to the outlets.
  4. That sucks...
  5. ew what were they thinkingwhen they made that black tag that looks awkward !
  6. My sister got that bag at the outlet.
    I got the Mandy in that color pattern at the outlet.

    Dewey, I'm sorry to hear that.
    What if you went into the store and told them your story?
  7. 3rd times a charm....just try once more and hey ask if you can send them a pic of your bag and the past two replacement tags they have sent you and MAYBE they will be like oh ok you need this one.
  8. it actually looks nice on the bag its supposed to be on. i have a black stitched wristlet and the tag just takes it up a notch.
  9. I love that bag and I agree that the black tag makes a bag look elegant.
  10. Honestly, They generally don't have extras of special bag tags laying around. You requested a black hangtag and you did end up getting one, but they honestly might not have another legacy one w/ button.

    I know when I called for a customer I was told just to give her a generic one we had in store because they don't have backstock of that specific one.
  11. just think, it's different than everyone elses now. it's officially yours! :smile:
  12. If you're truly unhappy using either one, you should call a third time and try to get the correct one again.

    I had to place an order twice to request a hangtag for an older bag of mine. They couldn't find my first order number... It took a little over two months waiting and four phone calls but I finally received it. Good luck.
  13. ouchhh that sucks...but i agree, THIRD TIMES A CHARM :smile:

    Good luck!
  14. i'd keep callin and collectin em till you get the right one... put them ALL on that one bag ;)
  15. Dewey, I got the right one for my Legacy bag. I called myself and then a few days later my SA called and requested it for me, as well. Maybe it was her call that got me the right one. I'd give that a try...