*sigh* I found a knock-off Carly...

  1. made by XOXO. Saw it at Marshall's last night.

    I first just saw the bag from the side...had all the straping details of the Carly...it was made of a cheapie leather and had the XOXO name stamped into the top middle of the bag.

    Same friggin' style....
  2. I don't really care for XOXO because they always make bags similar to either Coach or D&B. But i guess its better for someone to buy that, than buy a fake coach. Atleast if they don't have money they can still have a bag that looks somewhat alright..
  3. Ew, that sucks.
  4. I HATE xoxo....it just bothers me that they cannot be the slightest bit creative and do something other than what Coach and DB put out...oh well, mine is the real thing
  5. uh-oh, I better not tell my carly about this. She is pretty snooty and this will just make her mad!!!!
  6. There is also a store called Mandee's and they ALWAYS have copies of Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.
  7. At least it is not a real fake, but yes xoxo seems to do this kind of thing very often
  8. I agree with others. I'd rather see a person carry a replica, than a fake anyday. :amazed:
  9. Ok maybe it was just me, but that was HILLARIOUS! I laughed and my boyfriend was like, how can that purse website be funny....:p