<Sigh> Help me decide - Koobas

  1. I love my new Kooba Brynne in Oak, but I am wondering if I shouldn't have gotten the Ginger in Chestnut instead. Which do you like better?


  2. moving from COACH to Handbags & Purses. . .
  3. Oh shoot, I must have forgotten to move out of Coach before posting - I apologize.
  4. LOL! No worries!
  5. The ginger.
  6. I'm a bit bias. I have the Brynne in Black, and I love it. I was never fan of the braids on the Ginger bags.
  7. Def. Brynne. The big braid/grommets on the Ginger do nothing for me...although it's ok in suede.
  8. I prefer the Brynne...I LOVE the lacing.
  9. i like Ginger.
  10. actually, i like both. :p
  11. I def like the ginger better
  12. Both but in this case I'd choose the Brynne. The lacing is just so feminine and different.
  13. I definitely like the Brynne better. I have seen the Ginger IRL and didn't like the weight or feel of the leather bag.:yes:
  14. Brynne, for the same reasons as the other posters. I'm not a fan of the big braid.
  15. the brynne is awesome! not a ginger fan...i think you did great!!