Sigh. Hair frustration.

  1. My hair is SOOOOOO FLAT. No body whatsoever, and no matter what I try, it will NOT hold a curl. I have even gotten one of those temporary perms, and it only got wavy for about a day, then went flat again. Am I just not using the right products? I feel like using too much stuff in my hair will just make it look greasy, as my hair is very dark and fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA
  2. Sorry dont have any suggestions, just wanted to say we are never satisfied with what we have i have wavy hair, have it straightened every week at hairdressers costs me a fortune LOL I would kill for straight hair!
  3. If you wail loudly enough to your stylist about this problem, she will probably be able to cut it in such a way that the flatness is at least somewhat reduced.

    As the years have passed, my hair is less abundant in the crown area than it once was, but my stylist put layers in, and that has helped a lot. Also, try Marc Daniels Big Hair. It also helps. And I don't ever comb it with anything but my fingers, and that only after holding my head upside down and shaking it like a wet pupdog.

    If all else fails, and you have skills, there is always teasing, although it is very bad for your hair.