*sigh* For a brief, shining moment...

  1. ...it was mine. The Paddington in off-white. It arrived today. But it's going back to Bergdorf's now.

    It's a truly lovely bag. If it hadn't been for that antique white Stella that caught my eye and which will probably be more practical for me than a second Paddy....but damn, if I had unlimited funds, I would have kept it. It's yummy.

    Sigh. :worried: Sniff.
  2. Oh.....sniff it's ok there are many pretty bags out there I am sure you will find another one you love even more!
  3. I will continue my favorite statement. I hate living on a budget:cry:
    I know you will love the stella too. Its beautiful.
  4. Thanks. I do love the Stella and ultimately chose it over the Paddy because a) it's a limited edition and won't be available indefinitely, b) it's a classic and I won't tire of it and c) it's big enough to use as a work tote too.

    But yes, living on a budget is no fun. Even just the one bag has already put me over for the next couple of months. Restraint is going to have to be my watchword for a while. :sad:
  5. I can totally relate! It is so tough. Especially if you live in a city like New York or LA where you are surrounded by amazing shopping 24-7. Even if you TRY to avoid it you can't! Restraint is really difficult.

    I think you made a good decision not to keep the second Paddington. The Paddington is nice but I had two at one point myself and exchanged the second for the Chanel reissue (pseub, you and many others on this forum gave me great advice about it) and I am so glad I did. Better to diversify your bag wardrobe. If my funds were unlimited I would get every bag I love in every color but because I have to pick and choose I find it more satisfying to have a variety.
  6. What does the Stella look like? I tried to find it, with no luck so far...
  7. Oh never mind I found your previous thread!
  8. Psueb - what do they say, it is better to have bought and returned then to never have bought at all....well, okay they don't say that; but, at least by seeing it you know you made the right decision.

    The Stella will be a great addition to your SS rotation.
  9. I agree with FendiBagLady and it is a good advice for me too:smile: .

    Psueb, I think you will be very happy with your decision on your choice for Stella!:love: especially with the three reasoning you have. That's perfect!
  10. Here's a pic of the Stella.

  11. Yes, I agree and it helps to keep reminding myself of that.
  12. wow, beautiful! I have the black from 2 years ago but I like the hardware on this one. It is much more stunning in the white. I think you made the right decision.
  13. It is quite beautiful and to be honest w/ you, (don't kill me y'all) but I don't see what all the fuss is about w/ the Paddy anyway. It's a great bag and very cute and I prefer the Stella over the Paddy. Maybe if I had unlimited funds, I would have both!:P I think you will not regret it!
  14. Pseub, you made the right decision, it's a stunning bag and you already have your lovely Chocolate paddy. Enjoy the stella with many more looks!!!!:nuts:
  15. pseub the stella is 5 times better than the paddy!!!! great choice!!