Sigh...Fake bags are EVERYWHERE

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  1. A secretary at the school where I work approached me late yesterday afternoon asking if I liked bags. I said yes, of course. She then stated that she had some for sale. I didn't get a chance to see them. When I got there this morning I went to her office and she pointed to the corner.

    In the corner there was a cloth bag that appeared to be a sleeper and underneath was a huge trash bag. I opened the sleeper to find a HORRENDOUS fake prada. I stood there in shock for a FULL minute. She was smiling at me with pleasure and I was aghast. I then proceeded to open the trash bag to find more fake Prada bags. At that point she said if I didn't see anything I liked I could wait until next week when she would have some more. Apparently some guy gets them from New York and gives them to her to sell at the school. OMG So disgusting
  2. It seems there have been a few threads on here about people's co-workers selling fake bags at work...a frightening trend!
    I would just politely tell her you don't see anything you like...or that you just don't wear fake bags.
  3. I would have thrown up in the trash bag.
  4. Isn't it against the law to sell these fake bags? And in school no less.
  5. I would politely ask her if she knew that the bags she was selling where fake. If she said no, then educate her on how Un-fashionable fakes are, if she said yes, tell her you want nothing to do with her or her fakes!!!!
  6. OMG... I would have been speechless!!!
  7. that is just WRONG!!~ selling designer bags at school for one (isn't school a place for learning and not flaunting?)~ making it even worse is that they're fake!!~
  8. I would be emailing her the links to several websites that reveal what the sale of counterfeits support, then see if she still wants to buy/sell them.
  9. I think that is why she had them hidden in the corner like that. I think she knows they are illegal. So ridiculous. And you ladies are right, it is especially inappropriate in a school setting. She is selling them to teachers only though.
  10. I advise those who've encountered this problem lately to report it to someone in charge. It is highly inappropriate for people to be hawking stuff on company time. The fact it is illegal counterfeit goods makes it worse.