*sigh!* Biker Leather Bliss! (pics)

  1. Package arrived second day of the New Year...


    ... my adrenaline rises...


    OMG... too gorgeous for words... how can I possibly keep these beauties???


    .... so I have 7 days to contact JC for an RMA...

    .... and FOUR DAYS LATER...

    ...I FINALLY tried them on for the FIRST time ever...


    ...they :nogood:AIN'T GOIN' BACK, DAMMIT!


    I LOOOOOVE these Yeva :love:boots as much as I LOOOOOVE my Biker Ring:love: hobo!!!

  2. Good for you! What a great combo. I also have the same combo. What I like about them most, aside from the obvious, is that they are both so practical and durable. This guarantees that they will both get lots of wear. Enjoy your pair in good health.
  3. those are HOT!
    Love the bag and boots!:tup:
  4. Hi Miss GyrlLayney! The boots look FANTASTIC on you!! :yahoo: I am so happy that you've decided to keep them! Such a perfect combination....HOW in the freaking world did I miss them???? :s

    Oh, and while I'm typing, I would just like to make a request of all my Choo friends. If it's not too much trouble could you maybe from time to time remind me in the occassional post to never, EVER, EVER, eat Chinese food again as long as I live? :death:
  5. woohoo! yay for you!:yahoo:terrific combo :love:and i'm so glad you are happy!:flowers:

    feel better stinker!:yes:
  6. Go, Biker, Go! You look fabulous with your new goodies! I love Biker leather too.
  7. I love your combo! It makes me want to join the "Ring" club too!:girlsigh:

  8. Jburgh - Thanks for the comments ;) ITA about the Biker leather durability! Not sure if you gals remember but over the summer I did order the Malena from Overstock and returned it because the leather seemed too fragile/easily scratched. As a SAHM right now in my life, I wouldn't dare spend this much $ on anything NOT durable! And Choo gals...you bet yer a$$e$ I will absolutely get MORE than my cost-per-wear out of these Yevas... as I have already done so with my Ring hobo! :yahoo:
  9. Lady chinadoll, Mick, Polaremil - y'all are too sweet! :flowers:
  10. You look Hot in those boots with that bag! I wore my Yevas shopping yesterday and got sooo many compliments...just wait!:cutesy:
  11. Thanks, Stinker! I kept hemming and hawing because, to be honest, this one pair of boots are almost 5 times more than I usually spend on my ENTIRE year's worth of shoe purchases!

    AND without trying them on, I wasn't terribly thrilled with how the rounded toe part looked. I guess I always equated Choo shoes (and Manolos and Louboutins for that matter) with sexiness. But nevertheless, I'm soooo not into looking sexy these days... just slightly above lukewarm would do... but comfy is a must for me. So when I finally slipped into these boots after 4 days of a platonic relationship with them... well... they were just freakin' MEANT TO BE ON MY FEET. :girlsigh:

  12. Stinker... DON'T EAT CHINESE FOOD EVER AGAIN! There, I said it. Now tell me why?
  13. Jm - you'd look hot just wearing a paper bag! :p Yesterday I wore my boots around town and at the YMCA in the parent's lounge (waiting for my DS to finish his swim lesson). I got looks but no comments, which is also the case when I wear my Ring or any other one of my bags. I guess it's because I live in a pretty rural, low-mid class area here in PA, where Coach (signature) and D&B are considered haute couture! And maybe when I do wear these boots with my bag... someone might notice. But no matter, I'm crazy in love:love: with them, and that's what counts!:yes:
  14. Yea, those babies look great on you!
  15. Thanks Mare! If you search for "Ring" under the Choo forum, you'll read a lot of great reviews on the Ring bag! Mine is biker leather with watersnake trim and it's my ultimate (and HG!) black bag because it's chic, casual, classy and classic!