*sigh*anyone ever had this condition..........

  1. For a while(about a year), I have had the symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema. It shows up only between my middle and ring fingers. It comes and goes a lot, but when it comes, it's not very fun. I have researched this a lot, and I have tried so many ointments, creams, etc., and nothing is working really well. Has anyone ever had this, and what did you do to treat it? Any prescribed medications that actually worked? Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow..I googled your condition out of curiosity and have come to the conclusion that I get the same thing on one of my toes! It's wierd..I don't use anything on it because it only bothers me once in a while..when the skin is bothersome and irritated I use a cortisone cream...Seems to help....Very strange...Sometimes i get these teeny weeny bubbles on one part of my toe..they itch.. but you can't itch b/c it's tender..then it dries...then I can itch it...but it will become irritated if I'm not careful about it....Funny it hasn't bothered me in a long time..Now it itches so bad I could scratch it off!! Talk about the power of suggestion!! Have you seen a doctor? :heart: Emmy
  3. Yes, I read that you can get it on your feet and hands. They are like fluid filled vesicles that ooze when you itch them(I know completely digusting), and the bad part is, is that if you itch them, the ooze is what spreads it. I have been using a corizone cream, too, but it's only a temporary relief(like one day.) A few people in my family have a medical background, and told me that that's probably what it is, but I still plan on seeing a doctor as soon as I have time(I better make time.) With me, it comes and goes, it once went away for like two months(that was great), but now it has come and stayed, and I can't stand it. Are you using anything besides a cortizone cream?
  4. I don't have that specific kind of ecxema, but I was diagnosed with ecxema about 6 years ago. I've had it longer than that, but that's when I finally got fed up and went to a doctor.

    I can get flare ups on almost anywhere on my body, but it's the worst on my legs. It's so bad that I have scars from it, there are parts of my skin that are discolored.

    But anyways I went to a dermatoligist (sp?) and he gave me a steroid based cream to use during flare ups. It works, but it took me 3 office vists to get him to realize that it wasn't a one time thing, that I would just keep coming back. After about a year I told my family doctor and he said he understood that I had flare ups, but that I also needed a daily treatment to try and prevent the flare ups. So he prescribed me Eledel (sp?) to use everyday, and I still use the steroid cream when I have major outbreaks.

    When you go to the doctor you make want to ask if you need two perscriptions, one for outbreaks, when you get the little bubbles, and one to use everyday to try and prevent the outbreaks.

    Unfortunately there may not be a definiative cure, there isn't for the kind I have, but trust me with the proper treatment, it's very easy to live with. (If you can try not to itch it, which in my opinion is the hardest thing to do in the world!!!!! :upsidedown: )

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks so much for the advice, hello kitty! I will be sure to bring up that information at the doctor!
  6. I'm not sure if I have what you have, but I use ti get eczema around my fingers too...try asking your doctor about a prescription cream called Desocort..it seemed to work for me, for minor outbreaks. For stronger ones, I used Wescort. (sp?)
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, lv-lover, I will ask my doctor about those.
  8. I have the exact same thing you do.. I get the breakouts on my feet mostly. Occasionally on my hands. Just a tiny little group of "bubbles" that itch like crazy. I went to the dermatologist after many months of this & he diagnosed me in like 2 seconds. Since mine isn't that bad, he gave me some prescription Betamethazone cream to rub on my skin. Honestly, I usually pop the pustules & let them drain (blotting with a tissue) They dry up pretty quickly after that. I don't recommend that for everyone but it doesn't seem to make mine spread & usually takes care of the itching. Mine are random too. I could go months without any & then one day, I will have 2-3 different areas on my feet that flare up.

    He told me there is no reason known why people get this. It could be something like an auto-immune reaction. He also told me it usually isn't serious & tends to go away after awhile. Could be years though. Stress can trigger it in some people. Sweaty feet can also aggravate it. Be sure & wear shoes that "breathe".

    Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you! I know exactly what your going through.
  9. I've gotten this before, though it's been years since I had an outbreak. I always thought it was an allergic reaction to hospital laundry soap, or possibly the powder they use in gloves. Anyway, I have used an ointment for it which works really well, but I cannot at the moment remember what it is called!! Sorry...I'll think on it and PM you if I remember. It isn't a steroid-type med, I don't think. Damn, wish I could remember it!!!
  10. Everyone on here has offered great advice.

    Good luck to you and I hope it clears up for you.

    Like I said it can be easy to live with, but not itching it is like being told not to look at the elephant in a room full of cats! :nuts:
  11. Thanks emmy, lv_lover, acegirl, madamefifi, and hello kitty!!! I am relieved that there is actually stuff out there that works, and I really appreciate all the advice. I made a list of all of your suggestions so that I can show my doctor. Thanks!