Sig.stripe totes... inside zipper.

  1. I 'm just noticing that some of the totes have a removable zipper pull.
    [​IMG] like this bag and others done...
    anyone help me here with why they are different.
  2. ive also noticed that the reversible totes have a removable zipper pull, and the newer totes that arent reversible dont have this; no clue why, i think it's just a different style
  3. hmmmm interesting.. so the tote above is the reversible one ?
  4. yeah that is, the newer ones that aren't reversible will either have a solid color lining (all black or all brown) or legacy lining
  5. ok this one is listed as reversible

    this isnt listed the same way ...
    [​IMG] but looks like the same model number on the creed.
  6. ok so if the bag is lined its not reversible so its doesnt have the removable zipper pull.. ie this one below
  7. ^^^^^^Yep! LOL! Are you on the hunt for a sig stripe tote?
  8. ^^ yes :smile:

    Not sure which color i'm going to snag..
  9. mine is reversible and has a removable zipper pull....

    that pink is to die for tho.... I might want another tote!!!
  10. Go for the Gold! lol, I love my sig stripe gold :smile:. But the punch is very nice too!
    Oh btw, even the reversible's zipper pull looks detacheable, it is not, I tried taking it off, lol. I thought I can use it for my mini skinny, I guess not :smile:.

  11. ??? mine can be detached from the clip
  12. Really?! Mine won't really come off?? I tried it again and the tiny knob don't slide?
  13. Yah, mine wont come off either . . . weird huh ???
  14. I have the large signature stripe tote in vermelion (i think thats how you spell it?) and mine came off. Thats so wierd that some will come off and some won't.
  15. that's so weird