Sig Stripe small (demi?) bag number 11177

  1. Does anyone have any photos of this type of bag? I'm thinking of (trying) to order one assuming i get a PCE card. I'm really interested in modeling pics and seeing how much one can hold inside. THANKS!!!:heart:
  2. If youre looking for the hobo (the one that is fat at the bottom) it was just on sale at dillards for $62 so I would try there before coach. I did a charge send for mine since i dont live near a dillards, but i havent taken it out of the box yet! If youre looking for the demi (the flat one) I dont think that was on sale so pce could be good for that one!
  3. I was able to get this bag at an outlet this past Sunday for $96 +tax! If you're near one, I would check it out... This bag holds the basics: cell phone, small wallet, etc. I hope this helps!
    DSCN0592.JPG DSCN0586 copy.jpg
  4. JoBoo86 that's the one! what an amazing deal you got! thank you for the pictures!! :smile: