Sig stripe shoulder tote vs. medium Carly - with pictures

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  1. Wanted to share pictures of my new pink signature stripe shoulder tote - I love this bag (I've been waiting for more things to zip all the way shut!) and wanted to share a few pictures for comparison's sake. When I first saw it on Purse Forum, I thought it looked a lot like my beloved medium Carly size-wise - and it is. The shoulder tote is a bit smaller, and the strap is shorter, but they're generally pretty close in size. Hope this helps others in deciding whether this might be a good bag for you too!

    Pictures: (sorry, couldn't get these to post directly on PF)



  2. ^^ no pix's here...
  3. pics pls..!!
  4. Oh thanks for the comparison! I really like my medium carly so I am sure I will like this one too! I'm thinking I want the black one... :smile:
  5. great comparison shots, thanks! :tup: BTW what carly is that? :shrugs:
  6. Wonderful pix, you're saying the drop on the signature tote is shorter then the carly?

    sign tote
    15 3/4” strap
    9” drop
    12 1/2" strap with dogleash clip
    6 1/2” drop
  7. The measurements you've got for the sig tote are for the larger one - this one is the medium size I think. I'd say the drop is about an inch and a half ish shorter than the Carly - I can still comfortably get it over my shoulder, though.
  8. Believe it's called canvas - it's from last spring (I think?). Also came in this fabric with pear leather trim.
  9. Nope here is the large
    18 1/2” strap
    10” drop
  10. hmmm... cute, I have never seen that before. :nogood:
  11. very nice! Thanks so much!
  12. I'll measure the straps at home - all I know is the strap on the Carly looks and feels longer!
  13. Thanks so much for the pictures!
  14. very pretty... the pics on the website ( don't do it justice... didn't think i liked the stripe on the top, but now i do!
  15. Thanks for the pics!! I love your new bag ;)