Sig stripe reversible tote in PUNCH.........

  1. For those looking for it, they have 1 at Macy's in Sherman Oaks, CA and 1 at Macy's in Valencia, CA.

    Also, Bloomies in Sherman Oaks, CA has 2 mini skinnies.

    all stores charge send!

    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDD for those of you following my dilema I BOUGHT IT TODAY!!!!!!! YAAAY so im about to post the pics in that thread about me about to cry over it hehe
    so go check them out! YAY THANKS EVERYONE
  3. yay Sherman Oaks!!
  4. no one said they were rare. coach itself just happens to be sold out.
  5. well to me when every coach store in america is sold out of something i take that as rare

    ive never ever bought designer brands at macys before, i dont shop there too often and so i didnt even think that they would have something coach its self didnt have

    esp when coach said there were none avail. i didnt know that meant macys could have them....

    so to me that was rare!
  6. mm. okay.
  7. :smile: I guess i was just naieve not to think of macys'! i mean it never even occured to me i have a tendency to forget that stuff is sold anywhere but by the store that makes it! :smile:

    Im sso glad tho everyone helped out! cause im so happy to have it

    Kallison maybe you can help me understand :smile: is it that macys purchases the stuff from coach? and then its theirs to sell? so there isnt any affiliation with coach? cause i wouold have thought that if a popular item was sold out by coach that either they would suggest getting it from macys or say check macys or that they would request them from macys,,,,, i dunno i dont get how it all works :smile: any insight! :smile: thanks! :heart:
  8. they're just authorized sellers, but separate entities. i believe one of the first rules of retail is to keep the customer in YOUR store and not send them elsewhere.
  9. :smile: even if the item they want is somewhere else! grrr :smile: haha well im so glad i have you guys to tell me where to look when i dont know! xoxoxo
  10. well, not all sa's even know where (and IF) items are available. so even if they wanted to help you out, they may not be able to.

    when in doubt, always hit up the stores that sell coach. it can't hurt.
  11. There are 2 at the Dillards in coral springs florida mall.
  12. Last night they were on Not sure if they're still available this morning though, haven't checked yet.
  13. I totally forgot they are at our local Macy's.
  14. wait there is no punch available at the 1 800 number???
  15. ^nope. been sold out for quite awhile.