Sig Mag tote or Legacy flat mailer?! And new mens stuff for spring?

  1. I am debating buying either the SIGNATURE STRIPE MAGAZINE TOTE in Khaki/Mahogany [​IMG]

    I can only choose ONE.

    buuuutttttt where can I spy on some of the new men's stuff for resort/spring? I don't want to buy and bag and then have a new one spring on me!(no pun intended) It's a never eding battle ladies and gents.

    ps- Does anyone have either of the bags I mentioned and can the tote fit on the shoulder comfortably? Thanks ahead of time!
  2. I don't know what coming for men in the spring but I think the legacy flat mailer is FABULOUS! I would pick that one over the Signature Stripe any day!

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Legacy Flat Mailer. Classy, classy, classy. And I'm not a huge pebbled leather fan but it looks great on that item!
  4. I have the legacy flat mail bag and do not believe the description. The strap is not detachable, there is no front and back zipper, no cell phone, multi purpose pocket and no pen loop. I told all of the SAs at the Coach store where I ordered it. I even told the manager but who knows if anything will be done. I decided to keep the bag because I like the size and the long 54" strap. I do like the bag in general but I was so surprised the description did not match. It is 13x13 and it is chestnut. Who knows maybe I got a fluke but I want you to be aware you might not be getting what you ordered.
  5. Are you sure you aren't talking about the TRANSATLANTIC LEATHER FLAT MAIL SATCHEL (70068)? I tried on both at 395 Madison and I never thought to open them. Damn. I guess I'll have to investigate again. This will teach me to examine before I invest.
  6. the mail satchel looks gorgeous, i'd go with that one!
  7. Here's pics of some of the new Heritage line:



    Not sure if you like them but they should be out soon.
  8. And I have no idea what's new or isn't in the men's line but I think these are gorgeous and their item numbers are higher than the Heritage items so perhaps these are new?


    I still really like the 2nd one you posted above though!
  9. Thanks SOOO much for going through all that trouble for me! You ladies really know how to treat the gentlemen! :ty:

    Those both look like new colors for the men's line. The brief is very sharp. The drafting tote is slowly becoming a classic men's item too.

  10. my vote goes here! :tup:
    very classy!
  11. the LEGACY LEATHER FLAT MAIL SATCHEL in Chestnut!!!!
  12. I found the handles on the sig stp mag tote to be very awkward when wearing it crossbody. They're just kind of in the way. Go for the mailer :tup:
  13. ditto with everyone else.. i love the rich brown leather of the mailer; good luck choosing one!
  14. To the question about the flat mail satchel, I bought the exact one which shows in the photograph. I had to order it through the Coach store. Like I said what you get is not what is described. I kept it anyway and I have grown quite fond of it. I just really wish there had been a cell phone pocket and a pen loop. With the front and back snaps snow gets in there but the lining is fine. I do like the bag I just had to make adjustments. However even the store manager when she saw me come in with it said she could not understand why it was so different from the description. Someone at the store said she was going to call Coach but I have heard nothing yet and I might now hear anything at all. It suits my purposes so I kept it and use it everyday. It arrived the day before Thanksgiving.
  15. You are very welcome! It's nice to have more guys here on the Coach forum! I don't know the men's line that well but this was fun for me to do a little searching! My dh is not the bag carrying kind of guy so wallets are the extent of my shopping for him! LOL!