Sig cleaning

  1. How do you guys clean your sig bags and wallets?
    I have a sig minny that I got a small mark on and I need something tough.
    I just love the mini because its my favoritest color. :crybaby: So much so that I will probably buy another just for back up.

    Thanks so much
  2. I don't have personal experience but know a lot of the girls here have used the coach signature cleaner with GREAT success!! :yes: You can buy it at the stores for around $10
  3. the sig cleaner works miracles.

    but baby wipes work well, too. and probably the tide to go pen.
  4. Thanks guys,
    It is green and I got the pen mark on the actual sig part. I know, what a crime.
    Hopefully I can save the lil guy. Yet I still gonna use it all the time.
  5. seems like we always get marks in the worst places, eh?

    try the tide to go pen- i used that on sharpie on a scarf print beauty case and it worked wonders.
  6. I ALWAYS use the Coach signature cleaner on my bags when I get any dirt on them and it works like a charm.... GOOD STUFF!!!!
  7. You guys are amazing.
    The tide pen worked so well!!!
    I got my baby
    So if you got pen on your sig use the tide pen, I cant believed how well it works
    Thanks a million.
  8. i thought tide to go pens had bleach? my siggy is black, could i still use that??