Sig C ponytail scarf and misc picture

  1. I received the new signature C ponytail scarf today with my peace sign charm, so I thought I'd take a photo. Its adorable. It will work on any number of my bags, so thats the best part. Also, while I was looking for my old choc leather wristlet, I found this travel mirror. Does anyone remember these? Im so happy I found it! I love this thing - the little mirror slides out of the case. This is also a piece Ive had since the 80's. I wish they would redo these in color/patent/etc!
    choc carly sig scarf 001.jpg choc carly sig scarf 002.jpg
  2. I agree, I love that scarf and am SOOOO glad I got it!
  3. I really like that Legacy scarf! It's on my wishlist! Thanks for the pic!
  4. Ooh, I didn't realize that scarf was available already, so getting it! Thanks!
  5. Totally love the scarf!
  6. I love the scarf! Mine is on its way!
  7. The scarf is FABULOUS! I'm soooo glad I ordered it for PCE!
  8. I really like that scarf!
  9. I love the scarf and seeing that travel mirror makes me wish I had been into coach in the 1980's!!:p
  10. LOVE the scarf!!!
  11. I want that scarf!! how much was it with PCE?
  12. I have that same mirror! I remember thinking I was totally cool when I got it for Christmas. I think it was in the early 90s and I was in high school.
  13. Love the scarf. I must get one.