Sig Bleecker Large Flap: Help me choose the Color


What color do you like best

  1. Chocolate baby!!

  2. Khaki/Coal is my style!

  3. Neither, you crazy woman!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have made my choice that I am going to buy this bag.. probably this weekend. I really like the Chocolate, but I don't have any black bags except my little gramercy top handle. I don't wear a whole lot of black, but I feel weird not having any black bags. Whenever I DO wear black I have nothing to go with it, lol. I think the Khaki with the Black looks really nice and classy, but I love the chocolate color too! Can you wear this chocolate color year round? I also only have 1 hippie bag in khaki sig and 1 bag in Denim Sig.. other bags are all leather.

    Should I get the Chocolate? or Khaki/Black?

    I don't think I like the Black/Black too much

    Which one should I get... which one would you get?

    Thanks for all your help:flowers:


  2. I love the chocolate one.. the black/khaki combo is a little harsh... :p
  3. I am sure the overwhelming opinion will be for the chocolate, as it is a beautiful and popular color. My personal preference is for the khaki/coal combination, though. I just really like the contrast of the colors and I like being able to pair it with black or brown clothing.
  4. I am not a signature fan, but I voted for Chocolate cause it's very rich looking!
  5. I love the khaki/black and also think that's a great option since you dont' really have a black bag but don't wear it a ton.. it would match with anything. :yes:
  6. I'm a "black" person myself. However, it sounds like Chocolate is what you're most comfortable with. You probably don't have a lot of black bags because it typically wasn't your color of choice. Go for what you like the most (Chocolate)! About what goes with black clothing . . . ANYTHING will match black. That means you can wear the chocolate bag with your black outfits as well. Hope that helps a little. Enjoy!
  7. I have this bag in chocolate siggy and it is tdf but,i also like it in the all black lol i guess im not much help.:shrugs:
  8. Khaki black! I don't like chocolate bags just because I don't think that it will look good everyday with my clothes and I prefer a bag that goes with all colors. For example, I don't like brown with gray... and I have many clothes in gray, so a brown bag don't will look good.
    For that... The black/khaki is the best. The SA in a Coach Store sold me my Bleecker wristlet in that color and I use it everyday!... she told me the same thing, that it goes with everything (But you know they say that everything is perfect in the world just for you buy something haha) :smile:
    Let us know your decision. It is a beautiful bag! Just think about the color of your clothes or if you really feel like changing the bag according to your clothes. I don't have time for do it, so I always choice something that goes with everything!
  9. I'm a chocolate brown person but I'm considering the same bag to replace the little black Chelsea small flap I bought (kudos to the Coach store in Allentown for being so darn nice about returns!) and I have to agree...already bought the brown Hamptons wallet, being able to put it in the khaki/black bag and wear it with anything is a I'd vote that. And we might be bag twins after tomorrow morning :p.
  10. I ADORE mine in Choc. That being said I do think the Black may be a tad more versatile. I thought it would be harsh looking but when I tried it on it looked smashing. GO with what you think would go with more of your wardrobe and if you dont care about that do what I did and get Chocolate. You really cant go wrong with either one. I was actually thinking about getting another one in the black.
  11. The chocolate is so yummy :drool:

    But honestly you can't go wrong with either one... good luck!
  12. i like the khaki/black better...i just feel like it will go with a lot more stuff then the chocolate..the chocolate is nice but i just don't like it that much on this style...good luck!
  13. I vote CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!
  14. Thanks everyone for your help so far and keep it comin' I can't made a decision to save my life:lol:

    No one has said whether they think the chocolate is a year round color. I live where winter does not last long and I want to wear this purse into summer.
  15. :p:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I think Chocolate Brown IS a year round color....I live in NY, and the area I live in is pretty much "dark colors for fall/winter, light colors for spring/summer"....however, I have seen chocolate brown siggy used ALL's a great neutral and VERY YUMMY as well!!!!!!!!!! I have a chocolate siggy ergo hobo and I will use her in the summer! Cant wait to see pics of your new bag!!!! :graucho: