Sienne!! Where have I been?

  1. I love the new suhali color! Le Talentueux in sienne! Gotta stay off the :blink: It is just beautiful! Ohh, but what's the opinion on silver hardware??
  2. I went to LV today and it's even more beautiuful IRL. :love:
  3. Yes, it is!!!
  4. ITA it is gorgeous IRL. I think I drooled. :lol:
  5. please get the sienne in SOMETHING!!! I'd love to see you wear one!
  6. I would love to see pictures also.
  7. I think the color is beautiful, but the bag does not look right with silver hardware. I don't know just doesn't look as luxurious or something...?? Gold hardware would set off this color so nicely.
  8. OK...this picture is from
  9. Oops, that was Le Fabuleux.
    Here's the Le Talentueux that LVAddict! was refering to... (Love them both!)
  10. I think the new color is nice but still prefer black, white, and red (discontinued though)
  11. I agree, the silver hardware is a definite step-down from the gold. I hope they're not changing it to silver across the board; I was hoping to get some more SUhali in the fall. : (
  12. Yeah I really can't stand the silver Leelee (manolo maven), I plan on getting some Suhali pieces soon (Le Fab and the medium ring agenda) and hope they don't change EVERY piece to the silver.
    The new color would look so much classier with the gold hardware, IMO.
  13. I agree with the consensus, I would love to see this new colour with gold. But it's definitely gorgeous in any case !
  14. It has a nice look to it.
  15. I saw it this past weekend. I didn't like it. The color looks...funky....