Sienna's vs Sharon Stone's Bag

  1. Okay what do ya'll think about the new stud craze? I like Sienna's but NOT Sharon's. What are yall's opinions?
    sienna miller's bag.jpg
  2. Studs are def one of the flavours of the month - i prefer Sharons
  3. Oooh i LIKE sharon's. It that a Kooba????????
  4. I don't like studs very much, but I prefer Sienna's bag (is it a Chloè :unsure: ?). My favourite studded bag is the Lanvin Jet Set Bag (you can see it carried by Lindsay Lohan)
  5. Sienna's!
  6. I definitely have to say Sharon’s bags!
  7. I like Sharon's, what is it?
  8. Sienna's!
  9. def sharon's - i prefer a shoulder bag to a handheld almost always.
  10. I like Sharon's best too, but I am totally a shoulder bag gal.
  11. I'm not a fan of either. Oscar de La Renta has a gorgeous studded one, and I love that Lanvin one as well.
  12. Okay now that's bad @zz!
  13. Ya'll know what? I dunno the designers because People didn't even bother to list them. How much u wanna bet they're getting letters from women all over who wanna know who makes those bags? I wouldnt be suprised. I hate it when they do that. And I agree with whoever posted that Sharon's looks like a Kooba. Sienna's I like but cant put my finger on the designer. Any pros here that can guess that bag:huh: ?
  14. I like sharons best thae other is cute
  15. Sharon's looks better.
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