Sienna's Main B-bag?

  1. I've seen so many photo's of Sienna and her b-bag. But these look different to me than mine (although mine is a city, not a first) -


    The brass rings seem really big or odd or something? Am I crazy?

    Can someone tell me the exact year and model (it's a first without the tassels, right?) her's was made though? I like the leather.
  2. Well she took the strap off for one.
  3. From what I've read, its a very early City style and the handles were different. Don't you LOVE it???
  4. ^^So i'm not crazy? It looks different to me than current "first" bags. Does anyone know the year?
  5. hers is soo old... the handles have stretched a LOT. :lol: gorgeous though, flat brass classique. yum yum. 2001 or 2002 i believe...
  6. I seem to remember it may be 2001 and it has flat brass hardware and a longer strap. Those bags do pop up from time to time on eBay, so if you are looking for one, stay diligent and you may be able to find one.

    Mimi, if you are reading this thread, don't you have a flat brass? (Beau I think Mimi does and I know she has posted pics on the forum I just can't remember where :P )
  7. ^ yep, i have a flat brass classique from 02. Sienna's either from 01 or 02
  8. I'd give my left gonad (if I had one :lol: ) for one of those bags!! :lol:
  9. hahahaha, me too. (if i could find one)
  10. On a side topic, glad to see that she got rid of those extensions that she had put in after filming ended on the Edie Sedgwick movie. Looks like she's "lightened" up the blonde too ...

    She also has the old 2003 Red City which seemed to single-handledly set off the rampage on that color (which is still the best red of them all ... we have yet to see the 2006 Rouge Vif).
  11. i have a black 02 flat brass, i used to have a caramel flat brass also, but sold it to use as a down payment for 5 weekenders..........
  12. Wow :graucho: ... way to go!
  13. ^^You bought five balenciaga weekend bags for the price you sold one 2002 classique bag!!!! OMG!
  14. Love the bag but want those FLATS! Anyone know who makes them???
  15. beaux, no the sales price of 02 was the downpayment. translation, i owe visa alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!1