Sienna's black Balenciaga

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  1. Hi everyone, I have read about the purse forum for a while now and finally joined! I have been moving through stages of different purse designers for about 5 years. My first 2 and favorites are my Cloe Paddington and Silverado. Then came the YSL Mombasa phase. Then vintage LV and Chanel. Now I want a Balenciaga!

    I really love the size, color, flat leather and hardware of Sienna Miller's. She's been carrying it recently all over NY but I believe it's from 2001 or 2002. Does anyone know the exact name and information of this bag? One thing I noticed is that the oval rings connecting the straps on hers look like they have been turned from a horizintal to a vertical position. Did they ever make a bag like this or did she manually turn the rings to perhaps lengthen the straps a tad? I cannot find another bag that has the rings like that. Any help would be much appreciated!!!
  2. Welcome!! I think her's is the First...not sure what she might have done with the rings but I read another post where someone pointed that out as well. And the earlier First did have a longer strap, if I'm not mistaken. Someone correct me if I am.
  3. Thank you Deb! I appreciate the welcome and the info. I figured somebody else would have noticed her rings. Also, does "first" mean the very original motorcycle style? Was the year 2001? Is hers the small (13 inch length) bag? Thank you!!!
  4. Yes, Sienna's is the smaller size, the flat-brass version - they were produced in 2001 and 2002. Hers is probably the very first version, very very hard to find. "First" is another name for the style otherwise referred to as "classique" - the smaller "motorcycle" design with the buckles, handles, and strap.

    She's been wearing hers non-stop for years, so my guess is that the supple leather stretched out over time and the rings simply shifted around. I doubt she did it intentionally:p
  5. I've actually seen one or two on eBay from time to time. I would keep checking there but make sure you ask for authentication opinions if you have any doubts about authenticity. So many members really know their stuff about the older bags....good luck in your search and post pics when you get your first Bal!!! :heart:
  6. Thank you Slinks. Lots of good info out there. I guess eBay would be the only place to find such a rare and old bag. Deb, I will definitely post a pic when I finally buy "her." Hope to chat with you all again.
  7. They can be found if you look for a while. Here's mine: :love:

    and thanks to the pFer who helped me with this bag. You know who you are. :heart:

  8. yup, you can still find them if you look around for a while. i got mine in october last year :heart:


    mine's from 2002, not 2001 though.
  9. Thank you SO much for sharing your photos and lending me HOPE that I might find one :smile: They are gorgeous! I had begun to despair that the rarity and price might prohibit me from getting one. I'll take a 2002 if I can. If you don't mind my asking, were these both purchased on eBay?
  10. From the fellow Bbag expert (and she knows who she is!) Sienna's is the flat brass in black from 2002. They do pop up on ebay once in a while, so that's probably your best bet. Good luck, I'm wanting one of these myself!
  11. Mine is an '02 also annanas. :tup:
  12. i thought it might be ;) the leather looks very similar to mine..
  13. Here's my 2001 first edition classique bag. It's the Le Dix!