Sienna's Ambushed In NYC, But Kicks Ass In 3inch Heels

  1. [​IMG]:boxing:

    The "Factory Girl" star was headed into a NYC building when she was ambushed by flashes, but instead of her usual smile and duck technique, Miss Miller opted for a camera shove perfected by her ex, Jude Law.

    Sienna's technique scores a 7 on the freakout scale, but she definitely loses style points for wearing white boots with black jeans.
  2. Those don't look white :confused1:
  3. I hate white boots...
    First wears huge panities and forgets a skirt, then she wears white boots, come on Sienna, you can do better!
  4. All I have to say is: hot bag!
  5. maybe she doesn't want any more fashion fiascos (sp) caught on camera!

    those heels with black...nope...not loving it
  6. Love the patent Chanel!
  7. I hate white boots and shoes, and those white ankle boots sienna is wearing are hideous. :s
  8. Yikes, if I knew paparazzi would be around I'd wear more sensible shoes. LOL. Of course, then they won't be in fashion mags if their style was just "sensible." :p
  9. OO love the heels!
  10. Nice purse ^_^
  11. woo, is that a patent reissue?
  12. wish I looked like that in jeans!!
  13. Love the bag, love the boots, just not with those jeans :sad:
  14. Individually, each component is great for her outfit. Together, dreadful. But I love that kung-fu move she's putting on to the camera!