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  1. Hi, isthe Sienna bag more brown or orange? I loooked at pics, and would like opinions please. Thanks :smile:
  2. It is more brown with brick orange undertones made more obvious under strong sunshine. Otherwise under white light it is pretty much brown. HTHs!
  3. Thank you!
  4. um, what does HTHs mean? :confused1:
  5. ^^HTH = Hope This helps! :yes:
  6. I have a sienna day that I love (using her right now, actually!) I agree that it's a brown with deep orange undertones. In certain lights it looks like a deep rich rusty-brown, in brighter light it can look more orange-ish, but not "orange" if that makes sense. It's much more gorgeous than I expected, I have to say. It's a beautiful fall color, but that wouldn't stop me from using her in the spring and summer as well!
  7. It's the best color - I have it in a Day and it's more brown, but with brick/rust undertones - it goes with almost anything - it's one of my very favorite colors and I think it's my favorite Bal of all of mine!
  8. Sometimes it even takes on a very reddish undertone, depending on the lighting... but I agree with all the rest have said.