Sienna vs. Mogano for a Twiggy? And is Sienna like LV epi "fawn"?

  1. I decided I want to try to take advantage of the beautiful fall/winter 07/08 leather.

    I already have a vert foncé Day (07), a black First (05), a turquoise First (05) and a blue India City (06).

    Besides the vert foncé I especially like Sienna and Mogano which will go with my wardrobe (mostly black suits, jeans and neutrals).

    I worry that Sienna might be like LV epi fawn. I love the color but since I already have the Noes and accessories, I thought I could go with the Mogano.

    But I also have a Damier speedy and Hampstead MM which might be similar to Mogano?
    Any help? :sweatdrop:

  2. My vote is for the Sienna, though it does look like it might be close to that LV. Either way, I think they are both gorgeous colors and you can't go wrong.
  3. I absolutely understand your dilemma, I´m trying to make this color decision as well. However, the sienna does seem to be quite similar to the LV on the picture. But if you have darker browns too..... I say try to see them IRL and compare!
  4. I have this dilemna too. I always seem to pick the safe colors and end up having many similar looking things. My Sienna Brief looks almost like fawn! Mogano is a BEAUTIFUL color IRL. It in no way would ever look similar to damier. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I think sienna is beautiful! and a twiggy would be great... the color from pics may be very similar but they are TOTALLY different styles IMHO... so I think you'd be safe... HTH... keep us posted...
  6. The cinnamon in person is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I say go out on the edge and try somethink a little different. JMHO!!!!!
    Your epi -leather is pretty too.
  7. I think the Sienna would look gorgeous!
  8. I just received a Sienna twiggy today and from what I remember of the Epi Fawn (granted I played with it at the store once awhile ago, it made me fall in love with the Epi Petit Noe...but I digress) I think they're pretty different. From what I remember, I would say they're in the same color family, but the Sienna's definitely darker and since it's not Epi just looks totally different.

    I haven't seen the Mogano in real life, so can't really say, but I think that looks gorgeous too!

    Here's a pic if that helps.
  9. Your twiggy is absolutely gorgeous!!! I wish I had a Mogano photo in real life to compare, as we don't have a well-stocked Bal boutique here!
    Ack!! I love the fawn color but it's "safe" - I wish Sienna was brick red-brown not just brown??
  10. I like both, but I finally saw Mogano in person today in a day and I was in love with the color and the leather, so it gets my vote. Plus, it is completely different than damier.
  11. Hey, south, blessings has loads of pics of her Cinnamon/Mogano Day which I'm reposting below (hope you dont' mind, blessings!!! She's so gorgeous!) --


    I think that Mogano's a seriously gorgeous color. Personally, I would go for the Sienna, but only because I already have a 07 Chocolate Besace Men's Messenger, and the 2 colors are so similar. You, however, should probably opt for the Mogano because you already have the Fawn EPI...

    Need more justification? Check out for more fabby pics...:smile:

    Just my $.02 worth!
  12. Thank you so much for the advice and pics! :heart: It's so hard to choose when you "only" get to see pics so the actual color is still a bit of a surprise, you know when you open the box, do you go "OMG" or not...!
  13. You must not forget this photo of Blessings.....The one that started my obsession! Gorgeous, squishy, yummy, cinnamon!!!