Sienna or Scarlet

  1. Someone help me please.

    I can't find the thread now, and can't even remember the subject to search.

    Earlier, I think Halzer posted an eBay auction she won recently and described the bag as Scarlet. When I looked at the pic it looked to me like a Sienna bag I have seen.

    Can you point me in the right direction.

    Thank You

    PS Charlie is still cradled in the dust bag, I have got some spray, highly recommended by the local leather store, but, I am not brave enough to go for it.:sad:
  2. shop_sienna_cream.jpg
  3. Everyone needs one of each in my humble opinion. They are staples to me as far as bags. I think I need to get out my Sienna and start working it.
  4. I think the Scarlett is a cutie!
  5. Right, with you now. I kept looking backwards and forwards and didn't notice that. I was looking specifically at the crinkly leather and the pebbly leather and wondering ................... puddled I am.

    Thanks for that. Love the colour of it by the way.
  6. Scarlett is too small for my needs. Actualy, even when I put my wallet, cell phone, keys, sunnies and hair brush (absolute essentials! can't skin anything!) into my Sienna, there is no space left. I wish the Sienna was a little bit more roomy.
  7. You are as bad as me, more customs duty to cough up?? At first it said GBP so I thought you had found a UK seller, they seem to be like gold dust.

    You know I said I wasn't going to do it again, and I have, almost twice.

    So, I will wait to see how much more investment I have to make to HM Customs.:boxing:
  8. LOL SollyTia!
    Luckily I have only been charged customs once so far, on an IF Hugs & Kisses Tote. Unfortunatly I didnt like the bag in real life so I put it on eBay, but as the UK doesnt have Isabella Fiore available, people dont know about the value of the item....and my bag bombed so I have relisted on the US eBay. Im gutted coz of the customs charges but it was only £26 as luckily the seller listed it as a gift.

    The UK just doesnt have great designers like Kooba and Isabella Fiore, which is what forces me to look across the pond for my bags! :lol:

    I always said that I wouldnt buy anymore bags from the US, and then up came that cute little scarlett. Even now, while I say ''No more''....Im checking out the Isabella Fiore bags on US Ebay:biggrin:
  9. I know exactly what you mean, you probably remember me emphatically saying that was it, wasn't going to do it again. And, well, erm................ you know how it is, I just saw something really a 1 off and bought it. I will share it when it arrives.

    I have contacted Kooba asking about stockists outside the US, appears there aren't any. They recommend I buy directly from the website, that would be even more big bucks. LOLOL.

    :nuts: I've decided I am beyond help with this problem now.