Sienna On The Beach In Mexico With Her New Bf

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    Though she recent swore off no good, cheatin' playboy types, it looks like Sienna Miller is ready for her next "great love" and consummate bachelor Jamie Burke may be the lucky guy.

    Sienna and Jamie, who has been linked to Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love, were spotted kissing on a secluded Mexican beach on Monday.
  2. I don't know if Jamie is considered a well known male model but he sure knows how to pick celeb girlfriends!
  3. I think Sienna is so cute sometimes. :p
  4. He is GROSS!
  5. ^^^^ I have to agree, he is gross. Sienna is soo cute.
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  7. What!? Did Sienna swear off cute guys after what happened with Jude?
  8. wow, I do not find him attractive what so ever.
  9. ew. If I was her I could never date this guy knowing he dated all those girls. Does he even like them?!!?
  10. ewww!! i dont like him.
  11. Sienna Miller, topless in all her glory, snuggled up to her new main man, musician Jamie Burke this past weekend in Tulum, Mexico,
    Sienna, 25, and Jamie, 21, were all over each other. Jamie even whipped out his guitar and started serenading Sienna — Jude Law’s ex. One onlooker said, “They were like a couple of lovestruck teenagers. They seem totally in love.”
    The pair met at a party to celebrate her latest film Factory Girl at a New York hotel at the beginning of this month.
    Jamie Burke has been romantically linked to the likes of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, and er, Courtney Love.
    Sienna flew back to Los Angeles yesterday and will be attending the Oscars this Sunday.
  12. i don't like him too.. :push:
  13. Seinna looks cute, him... definitely a step down from Mr. Law.
  14. She looks amazing in a bikini!!!
  15. Ewww.