Sienna Miller's Style?

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  1. I'm with you on that one!
  2. She's just like me or you IMO. Some days FAB! and some days not! LOL!
    She's not my fashion "icon that's for sure!
  3. OMG, i thought i was the only one who didn't think sienna miller was stylish. i would listen to others rant and rave about this woman, and i would be like...i just don't get it :suspiciou
  4. "I just don't get it . . . why do fashion magazines think she's such a great dresser? Frankly, I think she dresses like a homeless person."

    So happy you pointed that out. She dresses horribly..This is one topic that irks me about so many new celebrites..they have so much money and dress like f'in idiots.
  5. I think she looks like a bag lady and wanna be Kate Moss. She's just average with no taste at all. I don't want to be ccaught dead in the things she wears!
  6. Aside from dressing badly and dating someone who likes to shag nannies, what is she supposed to be famous for? :huh:
  7. In Vogue she sports a new "chop" haircut (very blunt bob) and is posed wearing very "mod", angular styles. They quote her as saying something to the effect that she's very tired of the bohemian look and will never go back.
  8. She dresses "different." I'm guessing thats why the tabloids think her style is great. I like it simply b/c its daring sometimes. I get tired of the same old.
  9. Who thinks shes a great dresser? She should be on Mr. Blackwells all time worst dressed.
  10. There is nothing wrong with dressing to be different but I think she dressing to seek attention....from ALFIE! HEHEHE
  11. i used to agree, but then i read an article about her that had quite a bit of pics showing how many trends she set. like, pics of her in things that we were all wearing 3 months later, dated and everything.

    so now i respect her more, lol.
  12. I don't get her either. I can never remember how she looks, her face is just not rememberable/catchy.
  13. I KNOWWWWWW! :lol:
  14. Maybe, but WHO sent her those duds?:idea:
    LOL! She's not all that and a bag of chips to me!