sienna miller's reissue:226 or 227?

  1. hi i'd like to know if sienna's reissue a size 226 or 227? sometimes it looks like a 226 sometimes a 227...thanks!
    sienna 2.jpg sienna missha.jpg
  2. it looks like a 227 to me.How tall is she btw?
  3. She is about 5'6" and that looks like a 227
  4. that's what i also think...i googled her height and it says she's 5'6
  5. It's pretty large. I'd say it's a 227.
  6. Its definitely a 227.
  7. thanks everyone! i got confused when i saw another pic of her carrying that bag on what looked like a night i thought it was a 226...
  8. Gotta be a 227...
  9. The bag in this picture looks like a 227. I wouldn't be surprised if she had both a 226 and a 227! (Given the $$$, I sure would!)
  10. I have this exact's a 227 & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!:love: