sienna miller's miu miu flats ;)

  1. I just bought this on eBay...:yahoo: :girlsigh: :love:


  2. congrats
  3. VERY cute!!!! Enjoy!
  4. Cute shoes. Congrats!
  5. super cute!! congrats!
  6. amour i looove those!
  7. Too cute! Absolutely love them! How much did you get them for?
  8. cute! i like those a lot...
  9. OMG!! They are so cute! I want one now...Are they comfortable?
  10. Awww....these look so cute and comfy
  11. ^^thanks ladies, I haven't gotten the flats yet..I bought it for $250 w/ shipping on eBay. I bought it from "stylemaven11" although the seller hasn't emailed me back if she has shipped my flats:crybaby:
  12. LOVE cute.....CONGRATS!
  13. Ohhh I love love love those!!! Jill... buy them in a size 9.5 :gruacho:

    For me... !!! :roflmfao:
  14. thanks ladies...

    megs...hehehe you should get 1!!!! this would look fab on you!:graucho:
  15. Cute!
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