Sienna Millers bag???

  1. [​IMG]

    It's probably an obvious answer~ but apparently not to me... any ideas? Marc Jacobs?
  2. it looks like a marc jacobs to me...i always love what sienna is carrying!
  3. It looks like the Prada washed leather one.
  4. [​IMG]
    Looks like it she again with it.
  5. Yeah, I think it's the Tod's bag. Good eye, pseub!
  6. I like that grey swing top with the rope around the hemline!!! I wonder who makes that???
  7. I have no clue whatthe bag is.
  8. It's Tod's "T" bag, I have that same bag in camel.
  9. i just love everything in sienna miller's wardrobe. shes my inspiration!!!
  10. i agree. it's a Tod's T-bag. it's beautiful IRL. i wanted the smaller version in black or camel.
  11. not sure about the bag, but totally love her white dress.