Sienna Miller

  1. What do you think of Sienna Miller? Great style icon or simply a Kate Moss copy-cat?
    I have to admit I loathe her, and don't think she is that stylish and certainly not classy. Lol I think she is also guilty of dragging Jude Law down to her lewel...
  2. I think she's super gorgeous but her style is weired at times-Kate Moss has a better style by far!
  3. She is not my style icon but she is cute.
  4. she's prett but not distinctive, her face is not memorable. i like her style sometimes, but most of the times is just standard.
    i always thought of her as kate moss' 2nd line ha ha ha... maybe because her long hair before, now it's shorter since she played edie segwick.
  5. I think she GORGEOUS! LOVED her in Alfie and Layer Cake! And I like the fact that she doesn't crave publicity like some people. I never really thought of her as a Kate Moss copy cat.:huh: Is she? I don't see it then. Jude or no Jude, she can hold her own!:yes:
  6. Sorry, but I think she's nothing special.
  7. I think she's pretty, but she TRIES to bite off of kate moss' style (clothes-wise).
  8. I think she is gorgeous and has her own unique (enviable!) style. NOT a Kate copycat at all.
  9. I think Sienna's a gorgeous girl and I don't think of her as a style icon personally but she channels the whole kate Moss look sometimes.

    As for the whole Jude Law cheating thing, she should've never taken him back cause once a cheater always a cheater.It's just a fact!
    But we all knew she did for the publicity and the fame she got for being Jude Law's girlfriend/fiance.:yucky:
  10. She has average looks to me, and I don't usually like her style.
  11. I don't personally think she or Kate Moss are all that and a bag of chips:shrugs:

    but SHE brought Jude down to HER level?:roflmfao:
    He's slime! He propsed to her and then cheated. . . he's nasty!:throwup:
  12. ^^^ Amen!!!
  13. Love her! I used to hate her but lately her style is getting better and better (although I still think Kate Moss is the true icon!).
  14. She does look like she copies kate.. and she looks like any other trendy english girl. But I still like her.
  15. I like her in Alfie too. I think she's alright as a person but gotta love her rouge City!!
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