Sienna Miller

  1. I just saw this picture of Sienna Miller in a Balenciaga thread and I am dying to know if anyone knows who her sunglasses (and her shoes) are by.

    Thanks so much everyone!
    10474977sr.jpg 10474924kj.jpg 10474997nm.jpg
  2. I wondered as much but the silver on the side looks different. hmmm...
  3. I was gona make a wild guess and say Chanel oops.
  4. Thanks! You are right--they do look like the TF Fonda.
  5. She gets blonder and blonder every time I see her pics! I like her style- I also like her better with a warmer blond hair color-
  6. The shoes are Miu Miu
  7. love her shoes!where can i find them???
    i loved the sunglasses too, but they look kinda odd on me...:sad:
  8. The shoes are from miu miu.