Sienna Miller style

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  2. Wow! Do people really like her style that much? Amazing....
  3. I KNOW! People say, "Ooh! Her style is so innovative!"

    It is NOT!

    It's silly and sloppy! She's one step away from doing that Mary Kate oversized grunge look.
  4. I think she has style but definetely over-hyped. Kate Moss already has the title for uber-stylish Brit girl and Sienna will not dethrone her any time soon.
  5. I often find that I buy something/like something and then find out that she has it too.

    So, I guess I like her style. :biggrin:
  6. never noticed... did not know who she was until her man cheated on her with the nanny= sorry
  7. I hate Sienna's "style". I think she has no taste at all. Ok, maybe she does have a nice PR manager.
  8. we hate her in pittsburgh. for two reasons:
    1. she is filming a movie here...rolling stone came to interview her and she called it $hitsburgh...and she's still here! people were not impressed
    2. she went to a bar and didn't have her id. the bouncer said "no id, no in". she snuck in, and he went to go get her. she threw a hissy fit "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" and stalked off.

    So we don't like Sienna miller in pittsburgh.
  9. ITA, I look at her and go :shrugs:
  10. OH GOD!!!! not her again!
    1. i think she had no character at all.
    2. she's totally copying kate moss, but she did it worse.
    3. no one knows her until she f*** jude law
    4. i just don't like her
  11. I do like her style yes.
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